The S Factor



Sheila Kelley

Psychic Girl

Now I don’t always take these things seriously, but it’s always fun to get a little intuitive insight from a pro - and that’s exactly what “Psychic Girl” Justine Kenzer is. She does great intuitive readings, on the phone, via instant message or in person, that give you some basic info on the energies around you and what you can focus on. Plus, she’ll throw in a quick healing as well. She’s also got these cool ‘possession protectors’ available on her site… they are these blessed charms that you can hang from whatever you want, to help spiritually protect whatever it is you want. I love things like that because I feel like you can attach whatever symbolism you like, and make it your own. They have cool names and images like “Pink Buddha”, “White Tara,” “Fortuna” and other mystical entities. So if you are looking for a little summer fun one night, visit for a new take on your situation and desires. Have fun with it, my lovelies!



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