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Classes Now in Session:

February 6th - April 2nd (French Kiss B)
March 6th - April 30th (Emerald A)

Next Class Dates:

April 3rd - May 28th (Emerald B)
May 1st - June 25th (Darling A)
May 29th - July 23rd (Darling B)

The S Factor Original Pole Dance Workout™

The classic S Factor Journey is our most popular package of pole and dance exercise workout classes.  Each class level builds upon the last.  From Levels 1 through 6, your S Factor Journey will take you another step higher towards self-confidence, strength, endurance, skill and the achievement of your ultimate mind, body, spirit goals.  When you register for an Original Series you may become an exclusive member of Sheila Kelley S Factor with open access to additional classes. Click here for New York area Original Series Packages.


Levels 1 – 6 include:

The S Factor Workout - An effervescent combination of stretching, strengthening, abdominal and cardio movements that firms, sculpts and tones your entire body.


Polework - A collection of fun, graceful, swirling tricks designed to suit all athletic abilities.


Striptease - A sophisticated selection of sensual movement in a safe environment with no nudity.  (All strip/peel lessons are optional.)


Dance - An S Routine and/or "free dance" blending all of the above set to various genres of music.


Each Original Series level is a prerequisite for the next.


Duration: 2 hours


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