Current Class Dates:

September 19th - November 13th (Indulgence A)
October 17th - December 11th (Indulgence B)

Next Class Dates:

November 14th - January 8th (Inspiration A)
December 12th - February 5th (Inspiration B)
January 9th - March 5th (French Kiss A)

Level 3
Intermediate Level Pole Dance Workout

The S Factor Original Pole Dance Workout™. Your S Factor Journey continues in Level 3 where you organically learn how to "free dance" by "braiding" breath, music and body, focusing on fluid transitions from one S shape to the next and immersing yourself in your music and the concept of the "Moving Meditation."


Lessons include the Level 3 S Factor Workout, tease lessons including the “Dress Strip” and a series of "free dance" exercises.  Pole dancing tricks include the "Body Spiral," the inverted "Descending Angel" and more.  Students are encouraged to take Level 3 as often as they like.


Duration: 2 hours


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