Super Pole 1/2

Part 1/2 of S Factor's superior pole technique enhancement series. A unique brand of athletic pole fitness that is exclusive to S Factor. Lessons emphasize right and left-handed pole grips, rotation balance, spinning and flying speed, standard inversions and dance flow. Begin with a specialized S Factor Workout focused on the shoulders and upper body. Low to medium intensity.



90 minutes - 2 hours


Testimonial: Elaine Y., San Francisco
"I AM HOOKED! After Super Pole, my abs, shoulders, arms, thigh, armpit (yes, you heard me right) are sore!!!!!! My girlfriend and I went on a Tuesday night. We got to do routines and learned many more pole tricks. Everyone there is really friendly, no one judges you and they really encourage a sense of community so don't be ashamed of feeling SEXY! Fantastic instructor and great energy. The class really does make you feel more sexy and in-touch with your feminine side. One try and you'll be hooked 'to the pole.'"

Click here to view a video of moves you'll learn!


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