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Women Entrepreneurs of S Factor

As part of our continued effort to empower women, S Factor Houston will introduce you to a local S woman entrepreneur by featuring her on this page.


You'll hear inspiring stories from S women just like you. Women who have changed their life path and elevated their feminine being above and beyond marriage, motherhood and careers that struggle to satisfy our hunger for a women's historical footprint of uncompromising significance.


It is our hope that by supporting these S women and bringing them to your attention, we will all be encouraged to achieve the greatness that burns bright within our curves. And that together, we may build and promote female-owned businesses and thus, our present and future feminine culture.

March 2013
Featured Woman Entrepreneur
Bobbi Nguyen

S woman Bobbi Nguyen is savings savvy.  She's a Financial & Insurance Consultant who can guide you to the best health insurance policy, health savings account, and income-generating annuities.

Bobbi became interested in health insurance through her general passion for all things health-related.  As a smart and empowered woman, she was also seeking a way to add extra cushion to her retirement nest egg.  Through much personal research, professional training, and experience, Bobbi has acquired a wealth of knowledge that has led to 24 successful years in the Financial & Insurance consulting business.


Bobbi helps her clients enjoy life NOW by showing them ideal ways to take care of important insurance needs.  Navigating today's complex health insurance packages can be scary.  Many of us put it off rather than deal with it.  Procrastinating can lead to bankruptcy from unexpected illnesses and medical bills.  Bobbi has some great solutions.  For example, a Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great option for you if you rarely get sick and only need insurance for your yearly checkups.  Perhaps a policy that has a high deductible and a low premium is right for you.  The money you save on premiums each month can be deposited into an HSA pre-tax.  You can use it to pay for medical expenses, and after 65, withdraw and spend all remaining funds on a more comfortable retirement.  Really cool, right!


Bobbi's other area of expertise is in Equity-Indexed and Fixed Annuities.  An annuity is a contract between you and your insurance company.  You make an upfront savings payment to them, in exchange for monthly payments back to you throughout your life.  The benefits include:


• Annual Reset Design
• Minimum Guarantees
• Tax-Deferral
• Guaranteed Lifetime Income
• Preservation of Premium
• Possible Probate Avoidance


"Health insurance is one of those items in life you know you need.  I consult and help you decide what is best for your situation and stage in life.  And I will try to make it fun for both of us!" - Bobbi

Bobbi Nguyen / Bobbi Nguyen Consulting
Health Insurance, Equity-Indexed & Fixed Annuities
713.385.2021/ bobbinguyen@gmail.com



Guaranteed lifetime income.

Healthy & happy.




Thank you Bobbi for being our March 2013 Houston S Woman Entrepreneur!

Bobbi's Mantra

"Vitality Shows In Not Only the Ability to Persist But the Ability to Start Over." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

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