S Factor Class Etiquette

Our time at S Factor is blissful, non-judgmental and confidential. To maintain this safe environment we ask that you please:


  • Sign out of classes online if you cannot attend. Arrive 10 minutes early for classes you are attending. Settle your account at the Front Desk before you enter the classroom. Do not enter if you are late and the classroom door sign says it is full.
  • Studio yoga mats are cleaned daily; however, wiping down your mat after class with the provided antibacterial spray and towels is appreciated.
  • Do not wear street shoes inside classrooms. For "street shoe" class assignments, wipe the bottom of your shoes with the provided antibacterial spray and towels.
  • Turn off cell phones and make/take calls in the lobby. In upper level classes, do not text while classmates are "free dancing." If you leave the studio during "free dance" time, please only re-enter between student dances.
  • If you need to leave class early, please do so quietly, and between student dances in upper levels.
  • Please do not chat while your teacher is teaching. You might miss some superb wisdom!
  • If you are injured, alert your teacher ASAP.
  • Never attempt a pole trick your teacher has not given you instructions for. Never attempt an inverted trick without a teacher spotting you. If you have a curriculum question or need a spot, ask your teacher versus a fellow student.
  • Visitors/spectators are not permitted in class. Bring a friend to an Intro or Event where they can join the fun!
  • Clap, cheer, hoot, holler, love, smile, hug, share and HAVE FUN!