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Upcoming Events

  1. Ongoing: Fly GirlS
  2. S Factor NY introduces…Fly GirlS Spinning Pole classes created by our amazing instructors, Ilov Grate & Mai Yee!!

  3. Ongoing: S Pole Fitness by Natasha Wang
  4. S Factor's newest pole class featuring exciting pole tricks designed exclusively for uS by 2013 International Pole Champion, Natasha Wang.

  5. Ongoing: Video Vixen
  6. An opportunity of a lifetime. Star in Your very own Dance video personalized with your music. 

  7. Ongoing: Open Pole
  8. Pole practice time open to all women.

  9. Ongoing: Private Pure Dance Class
  10. Grab the girls and Dance! Dance! Dance! 90 minutes of Pure Privacy!!

  11. Ongoing: S Private Lessons Package
  12. A chance to have your favorite S Factor NY Teacher all to yourself!

  13. Now Thru 12/11/15: Double BFF REWARDS!
  14. Receive a Bonus Credit of $80 for each girlfriend you bring to S!

  15. 12/5/15: EC RIOT!
  16. Things will get wild at the NYC EC Riot! If you've never attended an S Factor Retreat, or have and would like to relive some of the experience, this is your East Coast opportunity!

  17. 2/26 - 2/29/16: The S Factor San Diego Retreat w/ Sheila Kelley
  18. Sometimes a woman's just got to…dance, run, play, laugh, romp, feast, revel and own her body bliss. This is your time! S with Sheila Kelley in paradise this February 2016.


@ S Factor New York

  • Receive a Bonus Credit of $80 for each girlfriend you bring to S!
  • Your BFF must mention your name when they sign up for a new Level 1 session during Charm B (Begins: 11/13/15 ) or Zesty A (Begins: 12/11/15 ).
  • Referrals must be paid in full before your bonus amounts are added to your student account.
Cost: Not applicable.
Attendees:   All women welcome!
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030 or see the Front Desk for more details.


@ S Factor New York
Saturday, December 5th
2pm - 7pm

  • That's right East Coast, by popular demand comes what Sheila Kelley affectionately calls, "Fight Club for Women." An S dance frenzy, it's a chance to dive even deeper into your body's conversation more than ever before.
  • You will have a full afternoon to dance, discover and revel in your S journey and your illusive inner Erotic Creature the way only a Riot will allow.
  • This EC RIOT is inspired by a rare jewel from S Factor Retreats. You will be personally guided by a group of handpicked, seasoned S Factor NY Instructors, trained by Sheila Kelley herself in the art of body whispering, to deepen your EC journey in the studio and integrate your EC into your everyday life.
  • Melt into the magnificence of your womanly body, warming and stretching to a personalized music playlist.
  • It's provocative. It's primal. It's a movement journey of body ecstasy. The NYC EC RIOT…expect surprises, revelations and transformations!
  • Led by S Factor body whispering expert instructors, guides and muses extraordinaire: Beth Bardin, Erin Eagan-Pace and Cat Newman.
Cost: $250
Attendees:   Level 5/6+

Fly GirlS

@ S Factor New York

  • S Factor's first-ever spinning pole class available exclusively at S Factor NY includes a yummy S Factor workout, spinning pole work & dancing.
  • Learn the dynamics of holding poses as you twirl vertically, and how to challenge yourself in tricks you've already mastered on a stationary pole.
  • Spinning poles make spinning moves look smooth, they're fun, and allow you more time to work on your form because the pole spins for you.
  • The difficulty level and challenge is gloriously high; after you master this method, the sheer excitement of feeling like you're flying is exhilarating!
  • Classes are two hours, Thursdays at 6pm, and Sundays at 4pm. Click your desired day/time to sign up:
Sunday, November 29, 2015 @ 4:00pm

Thursday, December 3, 2015 @ 6:00pm

Sunday, December 6, 2015 @ 4:00pm

Thursday, December 10, 2015 @ 6:00pm

Cost: $50 each or Buy One-Get One Free until 12/31/15
Attendees:   For women of all levels!
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030, see the Front Desk, or click your date of choice in the above description.

S Private Lessons Package

@ S Factor New York

  • Our most popular Privates package special is now an ongoing offer: S Factor NY Private Lesson 3-class package -- Buy 3 save $50! We love you!
  • Get the royalty treatment with personal one-on-one attention
  • Cater your S journey to your body's unique movement, desires and goals
Cost: $400 for 3 Privates (reg $150 ea)
Attendees:   All Women
RSVP: Call the studio at 212-989-8030 or see the Front Desk to schedule.

Video Vixen

@ S Factor New York

  • Professional videos by Ariana of A. Pritchard Photography make an excellent gift for yourself or that special someone on Valentine's Day
  • Capture every delicious move, each luscious curve, a flirty glance, and your unique personality during a completely private 45-minute video shoot
  • You'll receive a beautiful, professionally edited film of your dance on DVD and via secure download - a treasure you'll cherish forever
  • Testimonial -- "Happy New Year! Thank you so much for sending over [my Holiday Video Vixen] link before Christmas. I saved that present for the last for my boyfriend to 'open' and he loved it! The video was very artistic and beautifully done. I loved the dual black and white work. :) And seeing myself dance, I think you captured a very sweet side of my EC that I didn't know about. Very cool."
  • To see a sample, click here
Cost: $375
Attendees:   All Women
RSVP: Email or call Ariana at 212-989-8030 x13 or ALambdin@sfactor.com

S Pole Fitness
by Natasha Wang

@ S Factor New York

  • Lovers of pole dance movement will literally flip for these exceptional pole artistry tricks designed by a renowned pole performance champion
  • Learn something new in every class
  • Move at your own level and climb your way to dazzling pole mastery
  • Includes an all-new S Factor pole fitness workout focused on warming, conditioning, strengthening and priming your body for magnificent pole work
  • Taught by experienced S Factor Teachers nationwide
  • Click your date of choice to sign up:
Stay tuned for dates!

Cost: $45 for All Women, or $175 5-class package for Members (good for 6 months!)
Attendees:   Appropriate for women who have completed S Factor Level 3 or higher, or any woman with basic inversion and pole climb ability
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030, see the Front Desk, or click your date of choice in the above description.

Friends With Benefits

@ S Factor New York
July & August

  • During July and August, for every friend who signs up for L1 at S Factor New York, you get DOUBLE CREDIT ($80) in your student account!
  • Expires 8/21/14
  • Credits may be used toward memberships only.

Cost: None, just refer your friends to sign up for Level 1!

Attendees: All Women

RSVP: None, just refer your friends to sign up for Level 1!

Holiday Private Special

@ S Factor New York
Now Thru
Tuesday, December 31st

  • Precious time for just you and your teacher to focus on whatever movement you desire. 
  • Sales ends 12/31/2013. Redeemed by 2/28/14.

Cost: $150 (original price $200)

Attendees: All Women 

RSVP: Call Noelle at 212.989.8030 Ext. 19, see the Front Desk, or email nprideaux@sfactor.com.

Holiday Party Special

@ S Factor New York
Sunday, December 1st
Thru Friday, January 31st

  • Celebrate S-style! 25% Off Regular Priced SFNY Private Parties when you purchase during December 2013 or January 2014!
  • 6 Person Party Minimum

Cost: $45 pp (reg $60 pp)

Attendees: All Women 

RSVP: Call Noelle at 212.989.8030 Ext. 19, see the Front Desk, or email nprideaux@sfactor.com.

S Lap Dance

@ S Factor New York

  • 2-Hour Lap Dance I: Just-Miss Kiss & Nuzzle, Body Slide, Flirt and more jaw-droppingly gorgeous techniques to make you feel like a goddess. All Levels welcome. Click your date of choice to register.

    Stay tuned for dates!

  • 2-Hour Lap Dance II: Somersault Mount, Chair Rocking Cat, Top & Bottom Reveals, and more sizzling hot techniques to make you feel like a goddess. Levels 4+ welcome. Click your date of choice to register.

    Stay tuned for dates!

Cost: $65 for 2 hours

Attendees: All Women


RSVP: Call 212.989.8030, see the Front Desk, or click your date of choice in the above description.

Body By S

@ S Factor New York

  • This intense workout will complement and aid you through your journey classes by fine-tuning your instrument (body), through the use of mindful strengthening and stretching exercise. Experience the exhilaration of awakening and deepening your muscular exertion, of breathing and surrendering while gaining flexibility and stamina.
  • From the floor to the pole, students will work all major muscle groups essential to all S classes. Class will consist of exercises that will awaken, strengthen, lengthen and challenge the body, all while maintaining an awareness of brain and body connections with a deeper emphasis on the physicality and technical aspects of each movement.  
  • Major muscle groups covered:
    • Core (including the back and shoulder connection as well as abdominals)
    • Hips (focusing on flexibility and opening)
    • Legs (the whole shebang...quads, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, calves, ankles, feet)
    • Arms (and the relationship to the core - shoulders, biceps, triceps, wrists and grip)

  • Classes are Wednesdays at 7am, Thursdays at 1pm, Fridays at 7:30pm, and Saturdays at 2pm!
Cost: $30
Attendees:   All Women
RSVP: You can schedule these classes by logging into your Student Center or calling us at 212.989.8030. We know you're going to love them!!!! 

SFNY Lap Dance
Master Workshop

@ S Factor New York
Saturday, February 8th
4pm - 8pm

  • Fresh ideas, new moves, combinations involving pole and chair, plus much, much more taught by S Lap Dance Master instructor, Ilov Grate!
  • Receive a $25 credit towards your next scheduled Private Dancer!!
  • Click here for a sneak peek from Ilov herself!
  • Pre-requisite: Must have taken Lap Dance I & II or Original Series Level 4+.
Cost: $220
Attendees:   Just For Women
RSVP: Click here, call the studio at 212-989-8030, or see the Front Desk.

Pure Dance Costume Party

@ S Factor New York
Friday, November 1st
9pm - 11pm

  • Wear your best costume & bring your cameras!
  • New Level 1 sign-ups receive $100 off!
  • Student Demos
  • Refreshments
  • Pure Dance lesson for attendees!
  • Prizes and Surprises!
  • Volunteer to dance and show off to your girlfriends! Contact Heather at hwalther@sfactor.com to volunteer!
  • Raffle for Free 8-Week Session: Buy 1 ticket/$5, five tickets/$20 (on sale in-studio on 10/18)
  • For every non S woman a current student brings, you will receive a free raffle ticket for a chance to win the 8-week session!


$10 cash at the door per person

Attendees:   All Women
RSVP: Click here!

Private Dancer

@ S Factor New York
June, July & August

  • This summer, book 30 minutes for just you and your lucky recipient(s)!
  • Be the master of your domain with Private Dancer, and share your EC with that someone special or a special few. This is an S Factor favorite and availability is limited. Wow your friends or entice your lover, they’ll be awed by what you’ve learned.
  • You will begin with a 10-minute warm-up guided by your teacher.
  • You will then have a 15-minute time slot of studio space to invite your guest(s) in to observe you in all your glory for 2 songs.
  • Students must come dressed and prepared to go from warm-up directly to routine. No lap dances.
  • There will be an S Teacher in the studio with you.
  • 20% discount on all boutique items.
Cost: $125
Attendees:   Male or Female Guest(s)
RSVP: Call Noelle @ 212.989.8030 Ext. 19 or
email NPrideaux@sfactor.com
(Subject: Private Dancer).

Private Pure Dance Class

@ S Factor New York

  • What’s more than a Pure Dance class...better than a party...and even more fun than a private lesson? A Private Pure Dance Class!!
  • Just for you and your friends (5 or more please) to have your blissful private time to just let your hair down, turn up the tunes and Dance!!!
  • Start with an S Factor Workout, then use the S Factor Routine to help you connect with your body, melt into your hips, and sizzle with every S step you take.
  • Reserve the time whenever space is available.
Cost: $45 for 90 Minutes
Attendees:   All Levels
RSVP: Call Noelle at 212.989.8030 to book it!

Open Pole

@ S Factor New York

  • An open space created for all women to come play with their polework. Get wild, have fun, and be free!
  • No S teacher present. Bring your iPod and a lovely Front Desk Team Ambassador will set up the stereo for you.
  • Practice safe "poling" by only attempting moves within your experience level, and not attempting to instruct or spot other students.

Cost: $20 per 1/2 hour, $30 per hour
Attendees:   Just For Women
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030 or see the Front Desk to book private time when the studio is available.

Fluid Feminine Movement™

@ S Factor New York

  • A circularized series of curvy body-challenging movements done exclusively on a yoga mat or standing.
  • Inspired by Dr. Louann Brizendine, neuropsychiatrist and author of, The Female Brain, "There exist in human beings neurologies that are more feminine than others, and more masculine than others." Female bodies move differently, than male bodies. S Factor Fluid Feminine Movement™ caters to the female bone and muscle structure. It acknowledges, nurtures, and cultivates the feminine.
  • This 1-hour class may be taken multiple times, each workout is new and challenging. No pole, shoes or dress-up, it's powerful enough on its own! Select a date to register:

    Stay tuned for dates!
Cost: $25 a la carte
Attendees:   Just For Women
RSVP: Call 212.989.8030 or click your date of choice in the above description. If you are still on Open Access, login to the Student Center and select "Sign Into Open Access Classes" to register 2 days in advance of your class date.

The 2016 S Factor San Diego Retreat
w/ Sheila Kelley

February 26 - 29, 2016
@ Paradise Point Resort & Spa
San Diego, CA

  • An extended weekend experience in quintessential S Factor movement and philosophy hosted by the one and only Sheila Kelley
  • Celebrate your femininity with Sheila Kelley at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa on an exquisite, private, 44-acre white sand beach island
  • An awakening of your feminine through Erotic Creature journeying, lyrical pole dancing, and consciousness stirring adventures beyond your imagination
  • All day classes, talks and workshops with Sheila Kelley, experienced S Factors teachers, and special surprise guests
  • Exclusive S Factor Retreat events, dinners, activities and excursions
  • Retreat Gift Bag with coveted swag designed only for Retreat women
  • S Factor Retreats raise the bar of the Erotic Creature journey to an unprecedented level beyond the studio, out into the world
Cost: $4195 PIF, $4695 Payment Plan
Attendees:   All Women
RSVP: Call 323-330-1863, email skretreat@sfactor.com, or visit SFactor.com/Retreat for more details!