Teacher Training

S Factor Teacher Training is a fun, kick-ass, soul-inspiring program designed to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the S Factor philosophy, strengthen your feminine body, connect you to a community of radiant women, and give you tools to dive deeper into your sexy self. This is an all-inclusive training program that prepares you for the opportunity to be an S Factor Teacher should you desire to pursue it. S Factor Teacher Training is a selective program for which prerequisites and/or a movement assessment are required.

S Factor Teachers are a personification of wholesome sensuality and a celebration of all things female. This select group is changing the lives of women worldwide by eradicating negative perceptions and stereotypes.



Upcoming Teacher Training Sessions

Teaching positions may be available in all S Factor studio locations. You are welcome to apply for any training session in any city, and upon successful completion, apply for a position in the studio of your choice. For questions about our program, or to request an application, send an email to teachertraining@sfactor.com.