Julie & Julia

Stop everything and reflect on this thought. We are living among a legend. She's not from some other era. She’s still working, making one amazing character after another. And we, little old us, get to watch her and be tickled, touched, devastated, enthralled and elevated by her genius. Her name is Meryl Streep.

In Julie & Julia she does it again, effortlessly. An homage to one of the world's best female chefs, this film is also a delicious lesson in finding and following your feminine cravings. Real-life women Julie Powell and Julia Child prove that having a loving husband is wonderful, but not enough. We must find and feed our feminine bliss. Meryl Streep's awesomely authentic performance makes us miss Julia Child's quirky brilliance. And Amy Adams as a perky Julie Powell makes us ravenous for great food, good friends and the glorious pursuit of one's dreams. Share Julie & Julia on DVD with your female friends and relatives this holiday season.


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