Tiffany Munson

It's time for another tête-à-tête with one of our phenomenal S Instructors. She's our resident rambunctious redhead in sunny Costa Mesa, and we are in awe of this superwoman! She's a business owner, wife and teacher. She is nurturing yet fiery, sweet yet edgy. Hello S world, meet Tiffany Munson…

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How did you discover S Factor?


I discovered S Factor about four years ago when I was planning my wedding. I heard Sheila on the radio one morning talking about the classes and it sounded like fun. I wanted to take a class but at the time I was under the impression that there was only one studio in LA. So I figured it would make for a good bachelorette party outing. When I went to the website to find out about the parties I learned that there was a studio in Orange County too. So I called the studio that day and by the time I got off the phone I was signed up for Level 1. I figured I would be learning something for my soon-to-be husband but about three weeks into my Level 1 session I realized it was completely for myself.


What made you decide to become an S Factor Instructor?


I had been a dancer my whole life and a dance instructor for over ten years. I grew up spending 5-6 days a week in front of a mirror being told to tuck my bottom under, suck in my stomach and be perfect. S Factor is a place where I was finally told I didn’t have to be perfect. I could arch my back, open up my chest, fly around the pole and flip myself upside down without being judged. I became more comfortable with my body and I began to have an appreciation for women I had never had before. I knew I wanted to give other women the same gift.


What was your childhood like?


I was painfully shy! I remember clinging to my mom’s leg at parties and when people would try to talk to me I’d bury my head in her leg so I wouldn’t have to say anything. At five years old I took my first dance class and started to build up confidence in myself. From that moment on it was dance, dance, dance. I was at the local dance studio every day and I would be at dance competitions almost every weekend. When I was on stage I was the most outgoing kid in the world. I could express myself by moving without having to use words. I was able to find my voice through dance.


What are you musical tastes?


I love music that comes from emotion. It doesn’t matter which emotion as long as it has something behind it. I love anything from Damien Rice to Eminem.


What's your Erotic Creature like?


My EC connects to music of all kinds depending on how she’s feeling that day. But hip-hop always gets her going. She’s fierce and she likes her own space. She LOVES the pole and could stay up there all day. She has a crazy connection to the lap dance chair and without it she is lost. She's like another person. So if you ever take a class with me and you think who is this wild woman, don't be alarmed…it’s just HER.



What do you do when you're not S'ing?


My husband and I started an aluminum extrusion distribution company online called Orange Aluminum. I work from home in the afternoons taking care of all the bookkeeping for the company. I also run a recreation children’s dance program. So when I’m not teaching at S, I’m teaching children jazz, tap, ballet and hip-hop. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love.


What do you like most about teaching?


I love seeing growth in my students. Whether it’s helping them to master a trick they’ve always wanted to do or helping them to become more comfortable and confident in their own skin. I love watching my students transform as they progress from level to level.


What would you like to say to your students who might be reading this right now?


I want them to know that I am totally obsessed with them. The energy that they bring into class each week is what keeps me inspired. I think about them when I hear a song on the radio. I give everything I have in me to make sure they get the most out of every class. My students are the reason I can say with confidence that I have the best job in the world.


What would you like to say to your future students?


Don’t be afraid to dive in headfirst. Take risks and allow yourself to be vulnerable. You don't have to be a dancer. Allow yourself to discover a side you never knew was there. I know it’s cheesy to say this but S Factor can change your life. Don’t wait for a friend to join you, don’t wait until you lose ten pounds, just make it happen. Give yourself the gift.

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Thank you Tiffany for sharing your story with us. We look forward to many more years of S'ing with you. Click here if you'd like to search the Costa Mesa calendar for upcoming classes with Tiffany!