Theresa Walker’s
“The Next Big Thing”

This issue's Music Picks is the debut album, "The Next Big Thing," from one of our very own: S Factor lover, student, devotee and all-around exceptionally Erotic Creature, Theresa Walker. In her own words, she told us how writing and recording this album helped her overcome insecurities every woman faces.


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In my new album "The Next Big Thing," I was really looking at the idea of actually not "making it" as a singer/songwriter. I was at a point in my life where I was questioning why I was in the music business and feeling very discouraged. The scariest thing I can think of is being an old woman and looking back on my life knowing I didn't give it my all, letting my own fears stop me from living the life I wanted. So this album became about me wanting to live my best life and at the same time recognizing when I wasn’t.


I hope my global sisters in S find their own story in these songs; the joy, the hope, and the pain that makes us complex and wonderful. I hope it inspires them to pursue what they REALLY want out of life…and never settle for less!


I just got a pole in my living room so it's on now! I try to practice a little every day and it's really great to feel myself get stronger. I’m proud to say I can finally climb up the pole, which is huge progress!

Much love to my S women Janelle Taylor and Amanda Pomeroy, who has been a student for three years, and all the girls who came out to my CD release party last October. I love you… See you in class!





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Thank you Theresa for your candor! Ladies, prepare to be serenaded by an angelic doll with a honey-coated voice, sweet with sass, soul and triumph.

Our favorite track is definitely Bubbles Up with its yearning, silently whispering scream for "everything I never could express." It speaks directly to every woman's heart, stirring up all those emotions that make us so uniquely female. Have some tissues handy!


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