Tracy Mueller

Our first Teacher Spotlight of 2009 is a red carpet interview with the vamp, vogue, vivacious, Tracy Mueller. Tracy, Tracy, Tracy… You are loved by S women in both Los Angeles and Encino for your world-rocking playlists, your slinky, sculpted movement, and your gravity-defying polework. We spent a little time with Tracy chatting about her personal life and how she came to S. Global S world, behold this mysterious Erotic Creature...

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How did you discover S Factor?


I had just completed a month of cardio striptease. Which was fun but something wasn’t right…bright lights, mirrors, a feeling of competition. My friend told me about S Factor and it sounded up my alley so I took a beginning class...4 1/2 years ago...Sheila taught it. I was amazed, being the cardio freak I am, at what a great workout S Factor is (who knew moving so slowly could be so tiring!??!). It fed many parts of me: the dancer, the athlete, the daredevil, the woman with curves. Some parts I hadn't ever really wanted to acknowledge. I didn’t have a great relationship with my body. (Today, my students can't believe this.) I am actually kinda shy. I was looking for something to fill this little void inside of me, but never really knew what that void was or what could fill it.


I was a late bloomer. (My students can't believe this either.) I wore a jog bra and rolled up yoga pants forever. I didn't wear a pair of those black velvety, S zip shorts until Level 3. Finally, in Level 6, I had a conversation with myself... "This is it. Level 6. What are you waiting for? I know you hate your thighs and butt, but big deal. If you’re gonna do this, do it one hundred percent."


So, one night, after the first part of class, I heaved a heavy sigh and changed into my black velvety, S zip shorts. And guess what? Nothing happened. No one pointed at me and laughed. And also, no one told me I looked amazing. What I felt were flaws weren't gawked at and I was not ushered into sainthood. Yet, at the same time...everything changed. A huge breakthrough happened. In that moment I was there for ME. Not for anyone else or worrying about THEM or what they thought of me, or wanting them to praise me. It was probably then that I knew S Factor was something bigger than I had given it credit for...and I needed to stay with it to feed that new fearlessness inside of me. Now, you will rarely see me in the studio without a little short skirt on. If I met the old me now, I wouldn’t recognize her. I’d give her a big, warm hug though.


What made you decide to become an S Factor Instructor?


I never thought I’d be an S Instructor, I only knew I loved class. And I just wanted more, more, more!! I felt the shift way back in Level 1...telling everyone I knew about class and showing off my moves. After a year of being a student, I had gotten soooo much out of it, much more than the moves, it was such a shift from the inside out, that I had to pay it forward. Becoming an S Instructor was the natural progression for my passion. If I could give away just a little bit of what I’d gotten, I knew it would be worthwhile. Plus, selfishly, it was an opportunity to do what I love. Your job shouldn’t be a should love what you do!


What was your childhood like?


I was an only child to a single mom growing up in South Dakota. I was pretty shy as a kid, but managed to be involved in everything. I was THE All-American Girl. Yet, there was something inside of me wanting to get out...needing to be free. Free from the labels I had created for myself. I have a butterfly tattoo on my back to symbolize that transformation...the freedom to spread my wings and be who I was destined to be, whatever that looks like at the moment. I’m still the All-American Girl, but now I truly embrace the dark, edgier side of me and balance it with the light, pixy girlie-girl. Barbie meets Emily Strange. I think that’s also just a process of growing up...getting comfortable in your own skin and with your own voice. S Factor has definitely helped my butterfly soar.


What are you musical tastes?


Eclectic. But, at the heart of it all, I’m a rocker. Metalhead. No shame. Gimme Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Puscifer, any day and I’m a happy camper. However, my Erotic Creature digs hip-hop! I can’t believe it! The first time my hips heard 50 Cent, they couldn’t stop circling. I tried to tell them to stop (embarrassed that “I” would like hip-hop, I’m a metalhead for goshsakes!)...but they had a mind of their own. So, now, I proudly let them shake and swirl listening to hip-hop whenever they have a chance.


What's your Erotic Creature like?


Confrontational. Which is so weird because I’m so NOT confrontational in real life. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to be in charge of her sexuality. She loves the lap dance chair and having a playmate in the chair is even better...someone to tease and taut...selfishly.


What do you do when you're not S'ing?


I have a casting company called Fringe Casting. It's called “fringe” because that’s where most of the fun and freedom is...on the fringe of society, normalcy, etc. I primarily cast commercials and short films. I did a cool micro-series for TNT called Lucky Chance. It's a commercial project with a theatrical vein. I love casting. It’s fun and creative, yet you have to be very organized to juggle a zillion balls at once. It’s not a boring gig! I’m always looking for new, exciting projects.


What do you like most about teaching?


Seeing and being a part of the transformation of women. It’s profound. Knowing how far I have come personally and being able to share in the journey of that transformation in someone else is magical. The freedom and confidence that happens in an S Factor studio resonates outside of S Factor and that’s when the growth is really tangible.


What would you like to say to your future students reading this right now?


Someone warned me in the tattoo parlor when I got my first tattoo, "Be careful, it’s addicting.” Um, I now have six tattoos and have at least three more planned. Well, I can say the same thing about S Factor. I thought I’d JUST take a beginning class and then thought I’d see what happens with Level 1. Then Level 2...3...4...5...6...!!!!! That was 4 1/2 years ago. It has been the most healthy, rewarding addiction ever! Whatever you come here for...the workout, the pole tricks,’ll get soooo much more. There’s an electric current that runs through every S woman uniting us and giving us even more power individually. Collectively we’re radioactive!

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Well, well, well, Tracy certainly got us in the mood to S. Hmm…perhaps we'll drop by the Encino studio this weekend and see her? View the schedule in Encino or Los Angeles, for upcoming beginning classes with Tracy!