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The Blissful Pleaser: Healthy v. Unhealthy

The Healthy Blissful Pleaser

Warm, Loving, Abundant, Nurturing, Compassionate, Soft, Robust

This Erotic Creature Icon is motivated by the core body emotion of LOVE. She emits an otherworldly selfless, unconditional love. Like the ouriboros, giving to others satisfies and fills her cup. She lives in the ability of the feminine body to nurture and to provide an infinite supply of love and life. She is the grounded earth mother goddess, the divine feminine.

The Unhealthy Blissful Pleaser

Overgiving, Boundaryless, The Doormat, The Playboy Bunny, The Barbie

When unhealthy, she can give past her limits to depletion and become resentful. She lives to serve and neglects her own needs. She can become selfless in an empty way - acting only to please others. This can result in The Barbie Effect - altering oneself in order to conform to “what they want”.

Blissful Pleaser Homework

Is your Blissful Pleaser unhealthy? What is one thing that you can do today to care for your body? Apply a mask, take a bath, ask a friend for a 5 minute massage, make yourself a big salad with your favorite veggies… Come up with a loving way to take care of your body and do it today!

Heal Your Blissful Pleaser