The Badass Woman

by Sheila 24. January 2017 12:25
I walked. It wasn’t very far a walk. There were so many women. And they were badass. I mean the most badass women. Hundreds of them. Last weekend changed my life. Everyday changes my life. I love a badass woman something fierce. Everybody loves a badass woman. She is a woman who knows how to ... [More]

The Clitoris Doesn't Have an Expiration Date

by Sheila Kelley 22. June 2015 10:00
It happened at a party. One of those Hollywood meets Washington D.C. kinda parties at a mansion that used to belong to a child TV star from the 80s. Every 45 minutes you could take a tour of the house and grounds, which included a bowling alley, an indoor shooting range, 3 family rooms, a secret door down to a speakeasy, a squash ball court, putting green, tennis court, two pools, and – I kid you not – a pygmy pig farm with 5 itty bitty tiny miniature pigs. You gotta love Hollywood!

I had just finished my tour when a woman I vaguely remember meeting several years earlier came up to me and started speaking as if we knew each other very well, “How’s Richard? How’re your dogs?”

I realized that she was a very Famous Spiritual Thought Leader


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