The Feminine Lost | The National Attack on the Feminine (and How We Might Recover)

by Sheila 18. November 2016 09:03
This election wasn’t about Trump or Clinton. It wasn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats or the Green Party vs. Libertarians. As much as we want it to be about those things, it wasn’t.

This election was about the past and the future. And social progress lost.

People of color lost. Muslim Americans lost. The LGBTQ community lost.

And the feminine lost. [More]

Your Body is a Gifted Child

by Sheila Kelley 8. June 2015 00:17
You run the world, girl, and that body you live in is taking you along for the wonderful ride of life. It's the only body you are ever going to have. [More]

Who Nurtures You?

by Sheila Kelley 1. April 2005 23:12

I love being a woman. I love everything about it. The foul moods. The shimmering glee. The curves, bumps and soft skin. The enormous, ever changing heart.

Round, grounded, fertile, arid, wet, unpredictable and peaked, we, like Mother Earth, radiate with warmth, understanding, internal and external beauty, grace, peace, and the push and pull of polar opposites that comes with the waxing and waning of the moon. [More]


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