Real Bodies of S - Brooke Bergman

by Sheila Kelley 9. January 2017 22:54
In celebration of the Real Bodies of S, we took the opportunity to talk one-on-one with some of the woman in our community. Our first interview is with Brooke Bergman from Lake Forest, CA where she details her journey of overcoming body shame and learning to love her curves.      &... [More]

Unleash Your Magic, Woman!

by Sheila Kelley 19. December 2016 20:58
S Factor’s December Theme is Passionate Truth. What does this look like in your body? [More]

What Is Sexy to You?

by Sheila Kelley 2. July 2015 16:14
  To me a sexy life is one full of vibrancy and effervescence.  It is lush, ripe, rich, alive and titillating. It’s a life that’s highly sensual, emotional, and wholly lived. There is no potential untried, no feeling unfelt, no thought un-thought, no impulse unexplored.&n... [More]



The Clitoris Doesn't Have an Expiration Date

by Sheila Kelley 22. June 2015 10:00
It happened at a party. One of those Hollywood meets Washington D.C. kinda parties at a mansion that used to belong to a child TV star from the 80s. Every 45 minutes you could take a tour of the house and grounds, which included a bowling alley, an indoor shooting range, 3 family rooms, a secret door down to a speakeasy, a squash ball court, putting green, tennis court, two pools, and – I kid you not – a pygmy pig farm with 5 itty bitty tiny miniature pigs. You gotta love Hollywood!

I had just finished my tour when a woman I vaguely remember meeting several years earlier came up to me and started speaking as if we knew each other very well, “How’s Richard? How’re your dogs?”

I realized that she was a very Famous Spiritual Thought Leader

Your Body is a Gifted Child

by Sheila Kelley 8. June 2015 00:17
You run the world, girl, and that body you live in is taking you along for the wonderful ride of life. It's the only body you are ever going to have. [More]

Who Nurtures You?

by Sheila Kelley 1. April 2005 23:12

I love being a woman. I love everything about it. The foul moods. The shimmering glee. The curves, bumps and soft skin. The enormous, ever changing heart.

Round, grounded, fertile, arid, wet, unpredictable and peaked, we, like Mother Earth, radiate with warmth, understanding, internal and external beauty, grace, peace, and the push and pull of polar opposites that comes with the waxing and waning of the moon. [More]


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