What is Your Erotic Essence?

by Sheila 8. March 2017 22:58
Do you know that you are an Erotic Creature with your own unique Erotic Essence? Your Erotic Creature is simply your feminine body and your Erotic Essence is your unique brand of eroticism. I want to help you discover your Erotic Essence by exploring the Erotic Creature Icons with you.   Over... [More]

Lustful Self Touch

by Sheila 24. February 2017 15:23
Women, we use our magical feminine hands to nurture and care for all of the living creatures in our lives; animals, friends, children, neighbors, etcetera... Today I want to talk to you about using your hands to care for and activate lust in yourself.   Your hands can nurture, love, heal and... [More]

Courage to Live Your Feminine Truth

by Sheila 11. January 2017 12:05
The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz was always my favorite character. Maybe it was the costume, the little dance he did when he was scared or the way he spoke in a sweet, wavering voice. The fact that he was afraid of nearly everything made sense to me when I was little. The world can be a frighte... [More]

Find your Voice on the Pole…

by Lindsey Mckeon 25. October 2015 14:25
Sometimes life introduces you to people that have a well of depth inside of them, they’ve connected to the place where all things spring out of and the conversation can begin there. This, if you haven’t realized, is my favorite place. I hate the surface. I love to be entrenched, swallowed whole, submerged for as long as I can withstand… Even better when I find someone that’s willing to take the dive with me. [More]


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