What is Your Erotic Essence?

by Sheila 8. March 2017 22:58
Do you know that you are an Erotic Creature with your own unique Erotic Essence? Your Erotic Creature is simply your feminine body and your Erotic Essence is your unique brand of eroticism. I want to help you discover your Erotic Essence by exploring the Erotic Creature Icons with you.   Over... [More]

Lustful Self Touch

by Sheila 24. February 2017 15:23
Women, we use our magical feminine hands to nurture and care for all of the living creatures in our lives; animals, friends, children, neighbors, etcetera... Today I want to talk to you about using your hands to care for and activate lust in yourself.   Your hands can nurture, love, heal and... [More]

Living a Lust Filled Life

by Sheila 9. February 2017 12:01
When my man walks up behind me and nuzzles his face into my neck a chill runs up my back. My toes tingle. When he plants a soft lipped kiss there, I giggle. The feeling runs up my spine and out my mouth as the sweetest sound of joy. I can feel that my body is outrageously alive.   When I am ... [More]

The Badass Woman

by Sheila 24. January 2017 12:25
I walked. It wasn’t very far a walk. There were so many women. And they were badass. I mean the most badass women. Hundreds of them. Last weekend changed my life. Everyday changes my life. I love a badass woman something fierce. Everybody loves a badass woman. She is a woman who knows how to ... [More]

The Feminine Lost | The National Attack on the Feminine (and How We Might Recover)

by Sheila 18. November 2016 09:03
This election wasn’t about Trump or Clinton. It wasn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats or the Green Party vs. Libertarians. As much as we want it to be about those things, it wasn’t.

This election was about the past and the future. And social progress lost.

People of color lost. Muslim Americans lost. The LGBTQ community lost.

And the feminine lost. [More]


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