Unleash Your Magic, Woman!

by Sheila Kelley 19. December 2016 20:58

Happy Holidays, gorgeous! Radiant New Year, spectacular woman! I bet you’re shopping for gifts and food, wrapping packages, cooking, entertaining, working, decorating, traveling, making all around magic happen.


Girl, if you didn't make it happen who would?  Take you out of the picture and the world as you know it would stop spinning.  No one would feel the deliciousness of your life, love, warmth and magic. Yes, magic.


You are the center of the universe of your life, and it’s time to start treating yourself like it.  


The fact that you get the honor of living in this gorgeous feminine body is something you should celebrate everyday.  Within this feminine body are deep-seated truths. You only have to listen to her.


Your body is wickedly intelligent - she will always speak the truth.


The truth is in the arc of your eyebrow, the subtle line of your jaw sloping into the deep swerve of your neck. And here’s a valuable nugget of body knowledge: when you really listen to your body, your body will tell you secrets! And those secrets will change the trajectory of your life. Those secrets will be like rocket fuel shooting you towards your desire.


The truth is the little voice of doubt that comes seemingly out of nowhere saying, “No, don’t stay in this job. It is not right for me.” That little voice?  That little voice is your body.  It’s her senses turned on and her intuition heightened.  It’s the way she hears a certain timber in your boss’s voice that doesn’t sit right with her.  It’s the aroma when you walk into the office that is just a tad off. Listen. She’s speaking your brilliance all day long. And when you listen and respect her by changing your course every time she tells you to, your life force energy will ripple out creating new pathways where there weren’t any before. The more deeply you are living in your truth, the more deeply you will affect those in your life.  


If I didn’t listen to my body i would have lost the greatest love of my life.  


I would have allowed my overly active, sometimes dramatic mind to convince me that my man was the wrong man.  I wouldn’t have noticed his sweet scent that pulled my body toward him.  I wouldn’t have noticed the way my body yearned to wrap around his on cold winter nights.  I wouldn’t have heard the incredibly seductive tone of his voice drawing me in.


How can we hear the truth in our body?


1. Find a Feminine Movement Practice

This will give your body access to an ancient feminine language! With access to this language she can say so much more. My feminine movement practice is S Factor.


2. Speak Your Truth

When you hear or feel a truth in your body, speak it. Speak it with words, behavior and with your body. Take a moment of quiet to check in with her - does she want the steak or the salad? Does she want to go out dancing or does she need sleep? Are you holding her back from expressing something by crossing your arms in front of your chest? Listen to her whisperings, her impulses, and honor your body’s truth by speaking and acting it.


3. Gather Women

Gather your tribe of like-minded feminine beings around you - they will protect you from our culture’s harsh messages. Create a text circle in which you text each other loving reminders; “you are beautiful!”, “breathe”, “do something kind for yourself today”...


My passionate truth is that I want to help enhance, enrich, enliven and free the feminine body globally.   What is yours?


Here’s to a passionate holiday season and a 2017 of deep growth as we feminine creatures emerge from the shadows and radiate out into the world!





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