Courage to Live Your Feminine Truth

by Sheila 11. January 2017 12:05

The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz was always my favorite character. Maybe it was the costume, the little dance he did when he was scared or the way he spoke in a sweet, wavering voice. The fact that he was afraid of nearly everything made sense to me when I was little. The world can be a frightening place. And the simple remedy was a medal that proved his courage… Oh, if it were only that easy!  


True courage is as rare as scarlet emeralds. Courage is hard-earned. It’s what I witnessed in my sister who battled stage four breast cancer. It is what I witnessed in the face of my other sister after she lost her son to a motorcycle accident. I remember her face as I walked into her house the day after; the soft flow of tears, how she looked into my eyes with such innocence. She sought my soul with heartbreaking depth. I’ve never been seen so deeply. It was the way she walked into the memorial at the local high school gym with her head up and tears falling. It takes great courage to move through the devastating waves of life.


The truth is that some days it takes courage just to get out of bed. It takes courage to give birth, to nurse an elderly parent, to confront loss, to dare to be all that you were put here to be. I wish I had a dollar for the number of times a woman has said to me, “I’m terrified to come to S.”  Fear has the power to rob you of your greatest potential to live out loud, passionately, full throttle to the wind. Fear is a gift; an opportunity to find the courage to walk through fear and overcome.


Courage is not a thought. It is not something you think your way into. It’s an emotional state that lives in your body. If you know how to feel courage in your body you can call it forth when you need it. Courage grounds us. It helps us get back up when we think we’ve been knocked down for good.


In this VIDEO I guide you through an exercise that will awaken courage in your body. To fully express and celebrate our feminine truths in a male dominated world will take courage.


Call forth your courage as we enter 2017 full throttle. Dare to live your brilliance. Smash the rules. Reclaim your feminine power.   


With Passion and Courage,



P.S. Special thank you to you, S woman extraordinaire, Kate Hudson. It took great courage, Kate, to post a video of your S practice on Instagram for all the world to see last Saturday!

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