The Badass Woman

by Sheila 24. January 2017 12:25

I walked. It wasn’t very far a walk. There were so many women. And they were badass. I mean the most badass women. Hundreds of them. Last weekend changed my life. Everyday changes my life. I love a badass woman something fierce.

Everybody loves a badass woman. She is a woman who knows how to surf the waves of life.   She’s learned how hold her breath in the undertow. She knows how to survive the tumultuous surge by softening and allowing the churn to take her. She’s mastered surfing the big ones – she drops into a challenge and rides it with grace.  

Badass women make their own rules. Badass women crush shame with the swing of a slow round hip as they walk on by. The badass woman owns her body with a vengeance. She listens to the brilliance of her body’s voice before anything else.  Because her body knows right from wrong.

The badass woman ravishes her life with such passion and unbridled authenticity that she leaves a wake of mouths agape and starry eyes. She’s a presence to behold. The badass woman sets fire to her soul every single day and shatters wide open to love.  

Every woman is a badass. I walked with a flurry of them, a fury of them last weekend. We will continue to walk together, side by side, badass to badass, a wall that is unbreakable.  

To find to your inner badass you gotta awaken your champion body. The champion body is grounded in the feeling of courage that you can access in your own body. The champion body can withstand life’s challenges. She knows her boundaries and protects them. The champion body is grounded into the power of mother earth.  

How can you awaken your champion body and find your inner badass?

  1. Grounding. In my latest VIDEO I talked about grounding and I walked you through a grounding exercise. Grounding will help you stay on your feet in the face of any obstacle.
  1. Boundaries. Create a safe space around your body and and protect it vigilantly. There are lots of ways to do this; one of the ways I create boundaries is with clothing. What clothing makes you feel protected and badass?
  1. Feminine Movement Practice. Own your body. To own your body you must know your body. My feminine movement practice is S Factor. Through S, I stay connected to the ancient feminine language in my body and I cultivate the authentic expression of my personal, emotional, erotic body.




XO Sheila


P.S. Who is your badass? Share her with me on Facebook or Instagram – #realbodiesofS.

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