Living a Lust Filled Life

by Sheila 9. February 2017 12:01

When my man walks up behind me and nuzzles his face into my neck a chill runs up my back. My toes tingle. When he plants a soft lipped kiss there, I giggle. The feeling runs up my spine and out my mouth as the sweetest sound of joy. I can feel that my body is outrageously alive.


When I am turned on by my brilliant feminine body I am open, ready and reactive. I’m living a lust filled life. It wasn’t always that way. I used to dread his nuzzle. Because my body felt sluggish and disconnected. I was tired. A lot.  My shoulders hunched a tad forward. My breathing was shallow then. Just writing about it now my body recoils. I don’t ever want to go back into that body state. When you consciously awaken your body, your lust, everything changes. And I mean everything.


Lust drives you. It sends shivers up of anticipation down your spine. It quickens your breath with excitement. It sends surges of massive amounts of energy coursing through your body. It wasn’t Richards neck nuzzle that titillated me (although it was pretty awesome!) – it was that my body was ready and waiting to respond. Because I live a life of the body, I cultivate my senses, my muscles and my nerve endings every single day. I keep my body stimulated and reactive so that i can experience life more deeply.


Lust is life force energy. And as women we should have an endless supply. In our hips. Our bellies and back. Life force lust should surge through every nook and cranny of our femme-tastic bodies.


There are many ways to tickle the lust in your body. Here's how I do it: picture a dimly red lit S Factor studio. I sit with my legs tucked under my body. I follow my breath from a full inhale which heaves my body forward, to a gentle exhale that rounds my back. My spine follows my breath and my body begins an effortless undulation. As I move I feel bliss, warmth, irritation, lust, melancholy, ecstasy and aching joy. These emotions move through my muscles and bones like lava. As my movement becomes more fluid the emotions flow more easily. She (my body) becomes more ebullient. I feel lighter. I come face to face with my feminine heart and she finds expression through my erotic movement. THIS is how lust for life feels!


Check in with your body. Are you experiencing this moment fully, emotionally and with all five senses? Take an inhale. Slow it down and deepen it to the floor of your pelvis. What are you feeling right now? What are you sensing? Are you filled with a lust for life? If not it's time to get you there.


Check out my VIDEO to learn a new exercise to feel more lust in your body.




XO Sheila


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