Lustful Self Touch

by Sheila 24. February 2017 15:23

Women, we use our magical feminine hands to nurture and care for all of the living creatures in our lives; animals, friends, children, neighbors, etcetera... Today I want to talk to you about using your hands to care for and activate lust in yourself.


Your hands can nurture, love, heal and stimulate not just others, but you and your body.


Let your hands find your body. They know where to go, and they know what kind of touch you need. If you’re having a stressful day and your body feels tense or anxious, your hands can soothe you. If you feel sluggish or disconnected, your hands can energize you and get the blood flowing and if you want to turn up the lust in your body, there are so many ways your hands can help.


We practice many different techniques of (PG-rated) self touch at S Factor. Try a few of them with me below to find out what kind of touch your body craves today.


1. The Tickle Touch

This is a barely there, delicate tickle. This touch activates lust by electrifying nerves all over your body - run a gentle tickle touch with your fingers hardly touching skin all the way up your inner arm. This touch radiates out into your nervous system, stimulating nerves in your scalp and all the way down to your toes.


2. The Hover Touch

This technique is designed to build desire in your body. Close your eyes and hover your hands over your body, slowly moving them up your abdomen, over your chest and up the front of your neck.. Feel the heat and presence of your hands and notice the charge that is building between them and your body. This feeling is desire for your own touch – when it becomes too much, let your hands find your skin.


3. The Massage

Where do you feel tension or pain? Let your hands find that part of your body. Make circling motions with your fingers and play with increasing and releasing pressure with your hands. Can you experience this massage both in your hands and in that area of your body? This will help you find the perfect pressure so that you are not too gentle or rough. This touch relieves tension and gets the blood flowing.


How often do you feel lust for YOU? Without a subject outside of yourself? Your own touch is the lustful conversation and relationship that you have with your feminine body.


Self touch will bring your body to life. Check out my VIDEO about enlivening your body with lust.



XO Sheila

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