What is Your Erotic Essence?

by Sheila 8. March 2017 22:58

Do you know that you are an Erotic Creature with your own unique Erotic Essence? Your Erotic Creature is simply your feminine body and your Erotic Essence is your unique brand of eroticism. I want to help you discover your Erotic Essence by exploring the Erotic Creature Icons with you.


Over the next ten months, we are exploring one of the ten Erotic Creature Icons per month at S Factor.


The Erotic Creature Icons are erotic archetypes designed around the ten core emotions in the body – and we need all ten because each of these core emotions are biological tools for survival. Although we each experience all ten emotions in our bodies, certain emotions have a bigger erotic charge for you personally. This erotic charge, identified by movement patterns, music tasting and more, tells us which icons are strongest in your Erotic Creature.


You are already an Erotic Creature, but you might not know it. From a young age, we learn to hide our eroticism because it’s not appropriate in public. How many times have you heard the multitudes of censorships; “Cover that up”, “Don’t sit like that”, “You can’t wear that, it’s too short”... These censorships range from mild to severe and they criminalize your body, as though she were offensive, dirty, dangerous... Thus, we learn to send the most alive, passionate part of ourselves, the biggest source of energy in our body, our feminine eroticism into hiding. We learn to shut it down.   


I want you to live fully in your body again with access to %100 percent of your energy and potential. I want to meet your Erotic Creature! Together, let’s find the unique erotic personality of your body. It’s a fascinating, shocking and fun journey of self discovery.


Watch my VIDEO to hear more about the Erotic Creature Icons. As we begin this ten month journey together, remember to feel, not think your way in… And please share this post and video if you want to deep your friends’ journeys too!






P.S. What is your absolute favorite song to move to, whether you are an S Factor student or not? In the comments, list this song and I will tell you the erotic emotional essence of that song. This can give you a hint as to which Erotic Creature Icons you are playing with right now!

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