Erotic Creature Icons: The Innocent Teaser

by Sheila 14. April 2017 07:34

At S Factor we work with 10 Erotic Creature Icons based around the 10 core emotions in our body. We each have all of them - they serve as biological fuel to get what we need to survive. Over the next ten months, we will meet all 10 icons and for the month of April we are exploring the Innocent Teaser in our body and in our life.


I’m so excited to introduce you to your Innocent Teaser! Who is she? The Innocent Teaser’s core body emotion is surprise - think wonder, sweetness, awe, hope, anticipation, purity, lightness, naivete...


When you came out of your mother’s womb as a little baby, you came out as an Innocent Teaser. Everything was possible and you were completely vulnerable, open and exploratory. The Buddha Body is the Innocent Teaser. There is no past and no future, she lives in the moment of now, free of judgement in a very pure state of being.


Why do you need her? Your Innocent Teaser will keep you open and receptive! She let's the experience of life flow through her and she is never bored because every sensation is like new to her - thus she imbues your daily grind with magic. Everyday is a brand new fresh opportunity full of possibility.


How can you find her? Start by finding music and clothing that makes you feel innocent, whimsical and delighted. To evoke her, find music that surprises, tickles and keeps you on the edge of not knowing. To feel your Innocent Teaser, try this exercise tonight: turn the lights out and feel how it feels like to be an explorer in the dark of your own bathroom or bedroom - feeling around with your senses, not knowing what you’re touching or where you are going…!


With Love and Wonder,

xoxo Sheila


P.S. For more on the Innocent Teaser, check out my VIDEO!

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