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Over four transformational days with us, you will slip into full feminine surrender. You will learn to decipher the electric, passionately charged story of your own body. You will learn how to turn her on and express her fully in the world.

At Vibrantly Sexy, Sheila Kelley will teach an in-depth exploration of S Factor’s 10 Erotic Creature Icons - they are the zodiac of the erotic body. We’ll turn each beautiful emotion of the feminine spectrum on - one by one - and together nurture the dim ones back to LIGHT.

Join us for this illuminating journey, it is sure to sell out:

Vibrantly Sexy 2018:
The Erotic Creature Retreat


A Retreat with Sheila Kelley
& the Brilliant S Factor Teacher Creatures

April 12 - 15, 2018
The Newly Renovated Paradise Point Resort
San Diego, CA

Reclaim Your Wisdom ⧫ Reconnect to Sexy ⧫ Rediscover Pleasure

S Factor retreats open a physical, emotional and spiritual pathway toward reclaiming your feminine body. Emerge reborn into your own skin, able to see yourself, your relationships and the world through the lens of full feminine freedom.

Together on the retreat, we create a space of sisterhood, connection and support. A place where you can be as emotionally expressive as you want to be. Our ballrooms are warmly lit, our meals are nourishing and the women gathered with you are pure magic from all backgrounds and walks of life.

During the retreat weekend you will:

Explore S Factor Philosophy and Movement during powerful seminars with Sheila Kelley
Dance and play with your own S Factor teacher and class matched to your experience level.
Expand your S Factor practice or learn to S for the first time!
Learn how to embrace and embody the keys to a sexy, soulful feminine life
Deepen your practice with special guests and curated workshops..
Foster genuine, supportive connections with other women
Cultivate love, lust and real intimacy in relationships
Understand your body’s needs and how to communicate them
Tap into the infinite feminine force and no longer feel depleted and drained

“Every woman has an innate erotic essence that must be nourished, honored and expressed so that she may be truly free in her magical feminine body.”

Sheila’s intelligent and intuitive teachings are sought after by women all over the globe who travel thousands of miles to be seen and guided through life-transforming breakthroughs. She is a regular guest presenter at Tony Robbins Platinum retreats and Mama Gena Mastery events, among others.

Retreat Rates at Paradise Point Resort

Who Is My Erotic Creature?

Every woman has an inner truth to her sexy, passionate, erotic nature - it’s how she moves through the world and asks for what she wants. It’s how she loves and desires to be loved. It’s how she plays and how she stands up for herself. It’s her erotic identity.

For new S women, discovering the nature of your Erotic Creature is like unlocking the gates to the possibility of absolute bliss, total embodiment, and full feminine freedom. It is a relearning of ancient wisdom you hold within.

For experienced S women, this journey takes you over the plateaus and through the deep valleys of where we get stuck in our everyday lives, relationships and intimate experiences in order to revel once again in a body more free and expressive than you could ever have imagined.

On this retreat, you will meet the complex inner-workings of each Erotic Creature Icon within your own body. You will unearth the fluidity and vibrancy of each beautiful color that aches to be expressed through you - and your unique ways of channeling that expression

Master Teacher, Alexis Artin

One of our Vibrantly Sexy teachers discusses the importance of attending an S Factor retreat.

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