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Introducing Stacey Welchley!



Growing up in New Orleans, LA infused in me the idea that art, wine and socializing were meant to be together. After high school, I joined the US Navy as an Illustrator Draftsman and continued my interest in strong lined animation style art. After that, I got my first taste of Texas when I became an Aggie. Post college, I returned to my hometown to recharge my batteries and get a good dose of gumbo. But I wasn’t done with the Lone Star State yet. In 2003, I relocated to Houston and made my home here.



My artistic emphasis was on animation and through the years that focus has evolved into the reverse painting it is today. As we move through life we see things that shift our perception. That is exactly what my paintings are supposed to do. At first glance, you are viewing a two-dimensional image, but look closer…



I begin, like most artists do, with an idea or concept in my head. After translating it to paper, I begin building the layers of Plexiglas on top of it. The painting process is precise and demanding. Great care is taken that no mistake is made. They are extraordinarily difficult to correct if they can be at all. All contours are outlined on the surface of the Plexiglas - and the actual painting process is reversed - details and highlights are painted first then the mid-ground and finally the background is applied. Once I feel the work is complete, or the time to abandon the piece has arrived, the pane is turned over and the true face of the artwork is revealed. Separating each layer in the framing process gives a two-dimensional painting an unexpected element of depth. Changing the light source also adds to the illusion by casting dynamic shadows inside the piece.



The viewer is literally looking at the picture through a transparent canvas obtaining the perception that the work is imbedded in the glass. The space between the layers adds the illusion of depth and the shadows that are created inside the piece add to the illusion. Thus…a flat image is turned into a dynamic, engaging piece of artwork.





We want to promote you!

Women Entrepreneurs of S Factor receive complimentary promotion for their products and services in your studio's S Factor newsletter and on SFactor.com.


How to Be Considered

Current S Factor members in good standing are invited to email your Studio Director the following details for consideration:

• your full name
• your email address & phone number
• a brief bio including your background, what inspired you to start your business, and a description of your products/services
• your company website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or other social media links
• description of a promotional offer for the S Factor community and contact info or business address to redeem (optional but highly recommended - example: 25% off a service)
• a high-resolution jpeg photo of you
• 1 - 3 additional high-resolution jpeg company photos (logo, product shots, etc.)
• A quote or mantra you live by - something that will inspire other women

All of the above must be print-ready. S Factor will provide light editing but we really want you to create your feature in your own brilliant style & voice!


Businesses are featured at S Factor's discretion; must be appropriate for all women; and are featured on a first-come, first-served basis for approximately one month. Previous S Entrepreneurs include:


Interior designers, hair stylists, boutique owners, dentists, lawyers, life coaches, photographers, masseuses, pet groomers, tutors, wellness consultants, aestheticians, financial consultants, and much more. Click here to see examples of past Entrepreneur features. We look forward to sharing your feminine genius with the world!!