Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your feminine body with the heart and soul behind S Factor®, Sheila Kelley

These luxurious escapes open a physical, emotional and spiritual pathway anchored in reclaiming the feminine body, mind, heart and soul. Emerge from each experience reborn into your own skin, inspired to see the world and your relationships through the powerful lens of full feminine splendor and freedom. Why? Because you are a feminine genius.

Vibrantly Sexy 2018

Apr 12-15, 2018 • San Diego, CA

Over four transformational days with us, you will slip into full feminine surrender. You will learn to decipher the electric, passionately charged story of your own body. You will learn how to turn her on and express her fully in the world. Join us for this illuminating journey at the newly renovated Paradise Point Resort.

Sheila Kelley LIVE! 2018

September 29 - 30, 2018 • Long Beach, CA

Fly. Drive. Walk. Run. Spellbind. Tantalize. Rise. Dance. Unite. The world needs your feminine energy now more than ever. When we gather together, we thrive. Immerse yourself in two days of S Factor’s sensual movement journey and philosophy. Encounter your full, wild beauty. All women are welcome from across the nation and globe, from beginner to advanced levels ages 18 and up, for this signature two-day event.

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