S Factor is for every woman. Our Customer Loyalty line 323.230.9696 is staffed with S women who can guide you on your S Factor Journey, whether it be reassuring you that you can do this in-studio, or introducing you to our at-home learning tools and all of the ways you can connect with our virtual community through Social Media. Call uS today!

Yes. We offer instruction, choreography, talent casting and script consultation services. Click here for more details.

S Factor is a strip workout and pole dancing exercise program developed by Sheila Kelley as an alternative to linear fitness routines. S Factor builds confidence and enhances your wholesome sexuality.

Absolutely not! S Factor has fun and exhilarating fitness dance classes for every woman regardless of age or body type.

Workout attire and bottled water. To ensure a firm grip on the pole, please do not apply lotion on the day of class.

Yes! Please visit our Teacher Training page for information about this amazing program.

S Factor has studios in Los Angeles, Encino, Costa Mesa, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Houston. Please check our S Factor on Tour page for S Factor Retreats and Sheila Kelley Live events in other cities. We also have DVDs available in our S Store for at-home learning.

Everything you want to know about S Factor can be found in the best-seller, “The S Factor: Strip Workouts For Every Woman.” It includes step-by-step instructions for awakening your inner feminine self through relaxation, exercise and a new appreciation for your body. Click here to get your copy.

There are two series:

The Original Series
• S Factor 1 "The Beginning”
• S Factor 2 "Intermediate with Lap Dance"
• S Factor "PoleWork 101"


The NEW Soulfully Sexy Series

•Soulfully Sexy I - Your Completely, Totally, Absolutely Feminine Body
•Soulfully Sexy II - Your Swirlingly, Sexy, Playful Body
•Soulfully Sexy III - Your Idiosyncratic Sexy Body

Each features step-by-step visual instruction with Sheila Kelley and are available for purchase in our S Store.

S Factor sells several "removable" poles in our S Store. You need to purchase one in order to learn the movements taught in our PoleWork 101 DVD. You do not need to purchase a pole in order to take a class in one of our studios, although many students keep one at home to practice what they learn. Click here to see different poles available in the S Store.

Yes, but only by appointment. Due to the nature of our classes, men are not permitted to enter the studios unless they call ahead to schedule a Private Lesson, or RSVP for one of our co-ed events. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information about our Just For Women Policy.