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S Factor® is a feminine movement practice, a sensuous workout for body and soul.
It is intelligently designed to open the feminine body into her full, free, erotic expression.

The S in S Factor symbolizes the curve, the unique expression and the rounded edges
of the feminine. S is the embodiment of strength and softness, of power and vulnerability.

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Awaken Your S

On a Retreat with Sheila Kelley

There is power in the gathering of like minds. Led by S Factor creator Sheila Kelley, our retreats are a chance to deepen your relationship with your feminine essence and emerge more confident and connected to your truest self.

Next up: Body Love 2016, Miami, Sept. 23 - 26.

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“When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth.”

- Sheila Kelley, S Factor creator

Unapologetically Sexy

By Erika Leigh Raney

“Tonight was the first time, probably in my whole life, that I felt deeply, serenely and unapologetically sexy. I was standing in a dimly lit room...”

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