Welcome, woman.

You’re now entering a portal to your most enlivened self.

Our mission is to create a space where any woman can safely and confidently unfold the story of her own body.  S Women are forces of nature who support and celebrate each other. We conquer shame. We reclaim our power. We’ve created a space that is just. for. us.

There are several ways you can get started in this powerful movement, from online courses and live virtual movement classes to working directly with Sheila, the creator of S Factor. Scroll down for the latest opportunities to start your journey.

The Signature Movement and Transformation Journey with Sheila Kelley

Who is an S Woman? She no longer makes excuses or apologizes for her body, her heart, or the space she takes up. She leads a fulfilling life. She radiates power, confidence, and soul. She shines so bright that she lights a fire in those around her. 

Embark on a profound journey with S Factor Creator Sheila Kelley and totally transform your life, your love, and your relationships. This only happens once a year. No experience is necessary to join.

Reclaim your body, turn on your life.

Start your journey into a powerful new life today. It’s time to put an end to feeling burned out, turned off and frozen. It’s time to stop wondering why life doesn’t feel the way you hoped it would by now. There is a pathway back to a turned on life, and this is it.

Sheila answers your S Questions:

Destination Events

Reawaken your body and play with pleasure over a long weekend with Sheila Kelley, the S Teachers and an inspiring community of women.

About Retreats

The Online Journey

Strip & Rise is a profound live remote weekly class experience. Dive into S movement and philosophy from anywhere in the world.

Join the Journey


Become a certified S Factor Teacher and cultivate an enlivened, embodied community in your own voice and style.

Teacher Training

Licensed Teachers

Work with one of the many incredibly talented licensed teachers in regions all over the world, and online.

Find a Teacher in Your Area

As featured in the Netflix original documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’

From Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker Michèle Ohayon, 2021 on Netflix

Which Erotic Creature™ Icon are you right now?

Discover the energy and essence of your everyday and erotic body. She will open up your entire life and give you the keys to your queendom.

“When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth.”

– Sheila Kelley, S Factor creator

“When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth.”

– Sheila Kelley, S Factor creator