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S Factor® is a feminine movement practice - a sensuous workout for body and soul that’s intelligently designed to open the female body into her full, free, erotic expression.

We are the original home of the sexiest, most soulful and intuitive style of pole dance.

The S in S Factor symbolizes the curve, the unique expression and the rounded edges of the feminine. S is the embodiment of strength and softness, of power and vulnerability.

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Wanna Party?

All of our S Factor studios nationwide offer private parties for any type of occassion. Whether it’s time to celebrate a birthday in your feminine tribe or you are planning an amazing experience for a bachelorette or bridal party, we have you covered.

Sheila Kelley LIVE! 2018

Immerse yourself in two days of S Factor’s sensual movement journey and philosophy. Encounter your full, wild beauty. All women are welcome from across the globe, beginner to advanced levels ages 18 and up, for this signature two-day event.

Real Bodies of S

We are cutting down shame and stereotype by choosing to embrace our fiercely feminine bodies just as we are. We are the women of S. Smashing the rules. Daring to be brilliant. Unapologetically honest.

The Innocent Teaser: Healthy v. Unhealthy

Did you know that when you reclaim your emotional, erotic feminine body the global feminine heals with you? We all have 10 Erotic Creature Icons; erotic archetypes based on core biological emotions within the body. Are all 10 icons healthy in your body and life? Which need some love and nurturing?

How do you heal your feminine? By nurturing every aspect of you - including those that were shamed or shutdown by the dominant culture.

This month is dedicated to healing the Innocent Teaser Erotic Creature Icon within you.

Women Try Pole Dancing for the First Time

S Factor Featured on Buzzfeed

“When we reclaim our bodies, we reclaim our stories and our truth.”

- Sheila Kelley, S Factor creator