Stories from the brave frontier of feminine embodiment and self-reclamation.

Los Angeles, CA

Patti is a powerhouse professional, mother and S Woman who travels to retreats and has worked intimately with Sheila in her coaching program.

“This practice has created access to the level of confidence that has allowed me to cultivate a more deeply connected life, emotionally, physically and spiritually.”

Houston, TX

April takes us on her powerful journey from student to becoming an S Factor Teacher and Teacher Trainer, and why this practice is for every woman.

“Years of conditioning and behavior patters have been stripped away. This movement was the thing that healed me.”

Los Angeles, CA

Like a Phoenix rising, Barbara shares the trials and triumphs of a life and family transformed through 20 years of S, and 20 years working with Sheila. 

“Having autonomy over my own body empowers me. I fell in love with myself. It was the best thing that ever happened to me, because I was free.”

Los Angeles, CA

From feeling shame to being completely free, Patty shares her deeply moving experience of transformation. 

“There was a lot of shame. I was just locked out of my body. I don’t know where she went. S Factor invited me to trust my body and reclaim my strength.”

Los Angeles, CA

A leader of Nursing Education, Kary overcomes assault and conditioning to finally stand fully in her own power. 

“My relationship with my body has been a long struggle that I don’t find to be a torture anymore. What I experienced [at S] was very profound.”

Fairfax, CA

Amanda shares her beautiful story of recognition, pleasure and being witnessed.  And why a regular practice like this is so vital.

“S Factor is a portal to pleasure. There was something about a practice that was asking me to stay open and not to close.”

Our mission is to create a space where any woman can safely unfold the story of her own body. S women span the whole world and empower each other in celebration, connection and emotional freedom. Here, we conquer shame. Here. we reclaim our power. Here, we have a space that is just for us. Here, we rise into the full, bright and brilliant emotional creatures we were born to be.

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"Love yourself just as you are. You are beautiful and perfectly made."

Carolyn • 55
New York, NY
"Discovering my erotic creature has shifted my life in profound ways."

Brooke • 34
Costa Mesa, CA
"Your feminine body is the most magical creature on the planet!"

Michelle • 36
Brooklin, Ontario
"The bonds formed in this beautiful, strong community of women will last a lifetime."

Sheri • 54
Costa Mesa, CA
"I have learned to walk through the fear and come out the other side stronger."

Mary • 43
Costa Mesa, CA
"I have been cracked open and set free from deep within."

Liz • 56
Costa Mesa, CA
"I have been cracked open and set free from deep within."

Sandra • 52
Costa Mesa, CA
"I feel how powerful it is to experience life through the body and heart versus the mind."

Rena • 39
Los Angeles, CA
"Every woman is sexy, feminine and beautiful. Be your own kind of beautiful."

Lara • 48
Woodland Hills, CA
"Honest movement is the most healing."

Lauren • 27
Los Angeles, CA

Being an S Woman is a badge of honor and courage. We love you, women.

"I've learned to trust my body's strength. This affects my life on every level."

Jameelah • 22
Los Angeles, CA
"I understand how to more fully experience sensual pleasure in my body."

Ali • 31
Los Angeles, CA
"My body is a survivor, a warrior, a friend and we belong to each other."

Ashley • 35
Long Beach, CA
"I see the beauty and the story in every scar."

Lani • 39
Costa Mesa, CA
"When I access my body's intelligence, all my dreams and desires are possible."

Amelia • 32
Los Angeles, CA
"I am confident. I am free."

Laurie • 39
Vista, CA
"My S teacher gave me permission to celebrate my own body."

Jenn • 42
Huntington Beach, CA
"Many experiences have renewed my soul, but none quite so profoundly and tenderly as this."

Alma • 31
Buena Park, CA
"Where I thought I was beautiful before, now I know it to be true."

Anne Bodhi • 36
Costa Mesa, CA
"My incredible body feels deeply, acting as a compass guiding me through my life."

Ellice • 40
Santa Cruz, CA
"I am grateful to my curves and lines that give me a space to be me."

Amrit-Sadhana • 30
Portland, OR
"Everyone talks about 'self love.' No one has ever shown me how, until now."

Tasha • 38
Oxnard, CA
"It isn't always easy to be vulnerable, but I'm giving myself the freedom to be."

Bernadette • 43
La Mirada, CA

Become an S Woman

Every one of our stories started somewhere. Usually with that feeling of knowing we’re missing something but not sure what it is. Or a little trepidation about taking up space and really loving our bodies. You might think this place isn’t for you. But oh, woman, it is. Whether you are young or old, thick or thin, open or closed, excited or fearful, this is your home when you are ready to greet your body with new eyes and a kind, loving heart.