Q: Do I need to be a trained dancer to attend S Factor classes and events?

A: Certainly not! Women of all abilities, sizes and ages come to S from all movement backgrounds. Many of our clients are attracted to S because of our inclusive community and have no dance or physical fitness practice whatsoever. You’ll go at your pace, with clear guided instruction through all of the movements necessary to build your S Factor practice.

Q: I’m injured or disabled. Can I still practice S?

S Factor is as much a way of life as it is a movement practice. Our teachers are trained to adjust instruction for various levels of ability. Call your studio or contact us for more info relevant to your specific circumstances.

Q: Is S Factor exotic dancing?

A: The core principles of the movement were inspired by ballet, pilates, exotic dance and other feminine movement practices. We teach women to reconnect with their sensual, erotic bodies via intelligently designed movement that is tailored to female physiology. S Factor is a practice in unapologetic ownership and expression of one’s sensuality and erotic identity through dance.

Q: What is my Erotic Creature?

A: Every woman has an inner erotic creature that desires to be nurtured, respected and expressed. Her awakening leads to living a fully free, empowered sensual life. Your journey through the S Factor practice is an exploration of her identity. As you move, you begin to peel back the layers and reveal her voice, her passions, her dislikes and her joys. She may be shy. She may be fierce. She may be playful or indulgent. Who is she? Come find out.

Q: How old do I need to be to attend a class or retreat?

A: The minimum age for studio classes and retreats is 18. Minor (ages 15 - 17) attendance must be approved by the Studio and a Signed Parent Waiver and Release is required at the studio. Minors may not be enrolled electronically; parent and minor identification will be verified.

Q: What should I wear to class?

A: Beginners should wear layered yoga or dance clothes that are comfortable to move and sweat in. For pole work, it’s best to wear shorts. For the safety and enjoyment of all, please avoid using lotions or oils on class days as it makes it difficult for you and your classmates to grip the pole.

Q: What should I bring to class?

A: Bring some water and an open mind! You may also choose to bring a personal workout towel. You’ll start bare footed and eventually may decide to invest in your own pair of gorgeous stiletto heels. In the upper-level classes you’ll want to bring some music you are inspired to move to.

Q: What else do I need to know?

A: At S Factor we honor each other’s personal space and create a sacred, safe atmosphere for all. There is no nudity permitted at the studios or retreats, and no filming or photography allowed during group classes, workshops and events. Please refrain from physical contact with your classmates during class.

Q: Do I have to learn the pole?

A: The pole is optional in many of our classes. We encourage you to go at your own pace and comfort level. The pole is only a part of the S Factor movement experience.

Q: Is there stripping?

A: There is no nudity permitted at S Factor; however, some of our classes, including the Journey series, include instruction on peeling off layers of clothing and incorporate an authentic tease, reveal and seductive movement into your dance. Peeling off layers is always optional.

Q: Is there dancing and pole instruction at the retreats?

A: Yes. Most retreats are a combination of movement classes, workshops and seminar-style sessions taught by Sheila Kelley. Beginners are welcome, and women are grouped based on experience level. No pole is necessary, and retreats are open to women of all abilities, sizes and ages.

Q: Do I need to have dance or S Factor experience to attend a retreat?

A: Prior experience is not necessary and there is no fitness level requirement for retreats. Our destination events with Sheila are focused on awakening our feminine bodies into living a free and unapologetically sensual life - mind, body, heart and soul.

Q: Is there free time during retreats?

A: While we try to build in some down time, our retreat schedules are usually pretty stacked from breakfast to dinner and beyond. Expect full days and maybe a few late nights!

Q: What should I bring?

A: A full packing list is provided to registered participants of each retreat based on the curriculum and events planned. Generally speaking, layers that delight your senses are recommended as you will go from movement to seminars to meals, often with fluctuations in room & outdoor temperature. Bring clothes to move and dance in, activewear, and a few nice things as outlined in your packing list. We also highly recommend a large tote or small rolling suitcase to carry your wardrobe changes and necessities with you during the day. Be prepared to be gone from your room for most of the day.

Q: Is airfare and hotel included in the price?

A: Retreat participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements, including hotel, airfare and transportation. Discounted hotel group rates are provided so be sure to book through S Factor. (provide link to that information here)

Q: Is food and drink included?

A: Yes, most food and drink is provided for destination retreats, but not for SK Live events.

What are the steps to becoming a Posse Leader for the SK Live Posse Challenge?

  1. Purchase your ticket to SK Live at FULL price. If you have already purchased your SK Live ticket, read on.
  2. Once ticket is purchased, click link to sign up to request your unique discount code, confirm your Posse Group Name, and accept the rules and regulations.
  3. As a Posse Leader you will be given a unique code that allows any teenage girl or woman to join you at Sheila Kelley Live for a much reduced price of $330. (Full price is $550.) 
  4. Share the link with your unique discount code via email, text, or social media to all your girlfriends. Be creative! 
  5. Once your first friend uses your code to purchase their SK Live ticket and gets 40% off, your account will be notated to receive your credit. 
  6. Continue to share your code with more friends. Every additional girlfriend added to your Posse earns your group additional prizes. A special gift for Posse Leaders can be unlocked when you enroll more women.
  7. Don’t forget to remind your girlfriends to use your code to confirm they are in your posse and to secure your prizes!

What are the rules and fine print for the SK Live Posse Challenge?

  1. Who is eligible to be a Posse Leader? All women are eligible to become a Posse Leader.
  2. Who is eligible to be added to your Posse? Only new women and girls, 13 and up who have not purchased tickets are eligible to be added to Posses and to receive discounts and credits. All S Factor associates are eligible for Posse Leader Discount Codes, prizes, and can be added to any posse.
  3. As a Posse Leader, your official credit will be added to your account Oct. 12. You will have only 5 business days after SK Live to notify S Factor that you wish to receive a refund. Email billing@SFactor.com to request this refund in lieu of credit from October 17 to 25, 2016. All accounts will be credited if we do not receive a request for a refund.
  4. Cancellations. All purchases are nonrefundable (after 72 hours.) Ticket may be transferred by 10/11/2016.
  5. Liability. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, or other social media channels.  Contestants must release Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from any responsibility or harm.
  6. $550 is the total value of the event ticket. Lodging is attendant’s responsibility.
  7. Total discount available is $220. No further discounts than 40% off the original price of $550 are available. All S Factor associates and women who have already paid a discounted price cannot combine offers but can participate by enjoying the $330 price. Total refund or credit to be added to your account will be the difference between what was originally paid minus the new price of $330.
  8. Additional prizes to be delivered between 10/11/2016 and 10/31/16. Photos and videos may take longer based on editing needs.
  9. All Posse Leaders give permission to have their first name, location, and posse name mentioned in social media by S factor.