Welcome Plat Women

It’s time to become an embodied, empowered and utterly magnetic woman.

Welcome Plat Women

It’s time to become an embodied, empowered, and utterly magnetic woman.
🌺  Sheila Kelley is so excited to invite you into your own sensual, soulful truth.  🌺

Are you ready to harness your vital feminine energy to ignite intimacy, love and everyday life?

This week we welcome you into the practices and embodied philosophy that are specifically designed to awaken and enliven the vital energy of the feminine. This is a journey into your own body – her stories, her desires and the blocks that stand between her and the relationship she craves.

We encourage you to bring all of you to our sessions together, to take up as much space as you want, and to explore what comes up as you work with body-whisperer Sheila Kelley and the S Teacher Creatures.

This is your time to:
  • Reconnect to your body.

  • Remember what desire feels like.

  • Learn to create an amazing, titillating relationship.

  • Get the tools for feminine-focused practical self-care.

  • Play, discover, dance!

Visit this page each day for your daily homework assignments.

Day 1 Homework

1. S Walk

Tonight, S Walk around your room in front of your lover without calling attention to it. If you did not bring a partner, S Walk at dinner! If you need a quick tutorial, check out the video with Teacher Trainer April below!

The S Walk: Let your weight sink down into your feet and slow your walk down to half your regular pace. Then slow down to one fourth the regular pace. Let your hips press out to the side as you walk, dragging your toes along the floor. Press your butt back and chest forward for counterbalance. Let a hand slide up and down your curves as you stagger, drunk with pleasure, letting each step move your whole body.

2. Term of Endearment

Come up with a Term of Endearment for your body. For example: Queen, sweetheart, my sweet girl. 

3. Photo Hunt

Find a photo or a work of art that feels like you at your most beautiful.

4. Bonus Assignment: Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song on the playlist! Remember, this isn’t your brain’s favorite song, it’s your body’s.

5. Day 1 Spotify playlist 

Listen to these playlists and any extra music you hear this week – later in the week we will ask you to choose a personal song that moves you… Remember to listen with your body, not your mind. 

For Tomorrow:

Please bring or wear layers, side-tie shorts and bring your shoes! Plus your journal, pen and pencil.

Day 2 Homework

1. Journal Prompt: 

What do you need to strip away in order to rise into your greatest potential in your feminine?

2. Heels

Try your shoes on for your partner!  Wear them in your room while getting ready for bed or for the day in the morning, for 15 minutes in front of your partner or fantasy lover!

3. Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song from today’s class playlist!

4. For Tomorrow

Bring your journal, pen, heels, top layers, and side-tie shorts. Make sure you can peel your top layers off down to something you’re comfortable in, a bra, tank, or t-shirt.

5. Day 2 Spotify Playlist

Day 3 Homework

1. Top Peel-Off

Do the Top Peel-Off for your partner. If you didn’t bring a partner, do it for your fantasy lover or for yourself in a mirror! 

2. The Routine

Practice our S Routine

    • Standing Hip Circles
    • Get Down
    • Mermaid
    • Side Goddess
    • Roll to Back
    • Peel Legs Up
    • Peek A Boo
    • Cross Over Belly Roll
    • Cat Pounce Up
    • Picasso Arch
    • Cat Crawl

2. Journal “I desire…”

Journal about what you desire that you are rising to. What can you claim? My greatest desire in life is ____.

3. Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song from today’s class playlist!

4. For Tomorrow

Bring your journal, pen, heels, top layers, and side-tie shorts.

5. Day 3 Spotify Playlist

Day 4 Homework

Take the Erotic Creature Quiz Here: https://sfactor.com/ec-quiz/

1.  Practice Routine into the Lap Dance

Practice the routine, into the lap dance, on your own in your room. Make sure you’re wearing your heels!

  • Front Lap Dance:
    • Chair Mount
    • Face Gyration (2 x’s)
    • Just-Miss Kiss & Nuzzle 
    • Front Body Slide
    • Kneeling Hip Circles
    • Top Peel Off
    • Get up and S Walk away

2. Journal “5 Things that bring me pleasure…”

Write a list of 5 things that bring you pleasure.

3. Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song for a HOT routine for tomorrow night!

4. For Tomorrow

Bring your journal, pen, heels, top layers, and side-tie shorts.

5. Day 4 Spotify Playlist

Day 5 Homework

1. Hot Routine

Dance to the song you chose, wear your heels, G string, side tie shorts and do the top peel off and Sleight of G for your lover or fantasy lover, front and back lap dance. End with romantic intimacy with yourself or your lover!

2. Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song from today’s class playlist!

3. For Tomorrow

Bring your journal, pen, heels, top layers, and side-tie shorts.

4. Music Tasting Playlist

For Tomorrow:

Please bring your side-tie shorts, shoes, workbook and pen.

Day 6 Homework

Happy Final Day!

1. Playlist Pleasure

Choose your body’s favorite song from today’s class playlist! Consider making a playlist of all of your favorite songs from our time together and create a morning practice out of them for when you need to tap fully back into the sensuality and emotionality of your boyd.

2. Continue your S Journey

Join us starting this Saturday in Strip & Rise, Sheila’s LIVE online embodiment experience. Sign up and then play with this assignment: Your body is primal. She functions from the reptilian and mammalian brain. This weekend’s assignment is to find animal photo that feels like your body at its most beautiful. You could put yourself inside that body and it feels just right.

See you this coming Saturday October 21st at 10am Pacific Time!

3. Music Tasting Playlist

Post-Event Integration Homework

What an incredible week together, women! We are humbled at your raw-ness, your beauty, and your total willingness to dive into the most nourishing journey for your feminine body. Here are a few tips to help you integrate all this richness back into your daily life:

  1. Spend a few minutes each morning moving your body – pick 3 songs you love and go!
  2. Take time to tune into your senses when you feel “off” or depleted. What can you taste, touch, feel, smell, hear, see? What does your clothing feel like against your skin? The breeze against your body? Your hair against your neck?
  3. Continue to explore your own naked truths and desires. Consider what has been left on the back-burner for too long and make it a priority. Prioritize your brilliant body!

And of course, check below for all the opportunities to keep your journey going with Sheila and the S teachers. We have created a few events especially for you Platinum Partnership women. We adore you and cannot wait to welcome you into the badass, brilliant, supportive and nurturing community that is S Factor. It is a total, life-changing revelation. See you soon.

What’s Next?

Strip & Rise: The S Factor Movement Journey with Sheila Kelley

Continue the awakening and exploring going on in your body, heart and soul right away. This is your exclusive invitation to join Sheila and S Teachers in the ongoing Strip & Rise program: a powerful live online embodiment experience now through February 2024 where you will dive deep into your S journey, explore the Erotic Creatures and learn to live and love confidently in your body!

Get on the Retreat Waitlist

Join Sheila in 2024/2025 for S Factor live destination retreats! Get on the waitlist to be the first to learn about our next event and to register, as space will be limited.

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