Dear S Women,

It’s time to wake up, your body is calling.

We are living through an unprecedented, uncertain time in the body. Living through history. How do you find resilience through this collective storm and still feel the confidence and fluidity in your body? How do you keep yourself buoyant in a time of such stress?

Today, Richard and I drove in masks and gloves to pick up food at the grocery store. They actually brought the bags to our car so it was a quick ten minute drive there and back to the house. By the time we got home, we were at each other’s throats. He skulked into the bedroom, I stormed into the kitchen, and the house was heavy with tension. Then I remembered. I remembered my breath. My body. My heart. I remembered this insane wave in time we are riding together. I needed to cool down. I just started moving – my hips, my spine, my arms – which led me into a moving meditation. And just like that – freedom. I walked into where he was and said, “I’m sorry if I wasn’t hearing you. What can i do to make you feel more heard?” The tension dissipated. Harmony restored. And now I am sitting down to write to you.

The feminine is so desperately needed at this time, I want to reach out to our Sisterhood as we all navigate this together to share how S Factor is working proactively to provide support.

Protecting Our Team & Our Community

We at S Factor are all working remotely. While studios are temporarily closed, we are offering Live Virtual classes and events across a variety of price points to meet your needs.

Internally, we are having video meetings and virtual dance parties. We’re having fun and allowing ourselves to laugh and boost each other up.

We need that and deserve it. You do, too.

S Factor Online

As we all do our part in flattening the curve with social distancing, we still need to heal and nurture ourselves at home.

This is an incredible opportunity to inspire yourself as a feminine being on this planet through your 5 feminine geniuses. Take the time to embolden yourself as a feminine creature. Dive into the curve of your movement, the depth of your sensuality, the expanse of your emote-ability, the desire for connection. Tap into your beautiful feminine gift of intuition by reaching out to those you know are in need. Even if it’s just a texted heart emoji. Let them know you feel them. Relish the lusciousness of your body, mind, heart, and soul. And yes, you can be luscious in a time of crisis. In fact, the world depends upon the feminine for her light and radiance in this time.

To those of you on the frontlines who are unable to participate right now, we also want to extend all healthcare workers a special rain check pass good for one class, on or offline, whenever you want to use it. We’re so thankful for your tireless work and courage. We want to give you a special offer as our way of saying thanks for you to use at any time. Please send an email to [email protected] to receive your special gift from S Factor.

Our indomitable team has rallied together to create a variety of options to support you online, from Live Virtual classes to our new four-week online program, Woman Ignited: Feminine Fire.

If you have never experienced S Factor movement before, we have created a first-time student Live Virtual Class just for you to provide an overview of S Factor philosophy and movement instructions.

First Time Student Virtual Classes:
Wednesdays at 5 pm PT – hosted by Ashley
Saturdays at 2 pm PT – hosted by Megumi

Our complete schedule for online classes for all levels can be found HERE.

Special Woman Ignited Online Course Discount

In light of the current climate, we are also extending a discount of 55% off the price of our four-week online course, Woman Ignited: Feminine Fire, through March 31st. Use code THANKYOU2020 at checkout for this discount. The course begins April 20th.

Enroll Today

S Events & Retreats

The health and safety of our powerful community of S Women is the core of what we stand for. With our most recent retreat, we followed the governor’s protocol to limit gatherings to under 50 people, and took every possible precaution to ensure the safety of all 48 incredible women in the room. Of course, within two days of the completion of the retreat, the California quarantine announcement was made.

Now more than ever, we need a Spring of renewal to look forward to. I know I need that.

Hope is everything. Faith and hope. Faith in the resilience of humanity and hope being the light at the end of the tunnel in these global trying times. With that in mind, we will move ahead with planning Tredici in August and the retreat in October, and if outcomes don’t improve, we will move the dates.

Our May Tredici in the Hamptons will be rescheduled and we will send a separate communication to those attendees with new dates.

We are currently determining the best path forward for our Basic Teacher Training program that starts in April and will send out a separate communication to those attendees.

We are planning and preparing for this day by day. I have hope and faith that by July, we all will be in a new Spring together for a time of renewal and reconnection. We hope to be back in the studio by June, if not May, but will be following the recommendations of our political leaders and the CDC.

In the meantime, come join me virtually.

It’s OK to feel everything you’re feeling right now. It’s ok to be angry and peeved and irritated and scared. Everyone is terrified of what’s happening in our bodies.

…but it’s not good for us to let that stuff fester inside. Let’s move it. Don’t let stress and fear become destructive to the people you care about.

Right now, check in with yourself:

How are you staying connected? How do you stay sovereign in yourself each day?

Emotions move through your body in three ways:

  • Movement: Are you dancing, are you working out – are you moving?
  • Sound: Are you allowing sounds to move through your body? Maybe just a sigh.
  • Breath: Are you letting deep luscious breaths course through you – Slow in, even slower out?

This is the embodied life in a crisis. The embodied life isn’t just for good times and for feeling sexy and erotic, it’s also for these uncertain times.

How do you stay supple and enlivened and allow the darker emotions to move through your body — and do so in a constructive way – and do so when we’re all at a distance from each other?

Come explore and move with me online.

With love and gratitude,