This year is a truly pivotal moment for S Factor and our community. It’s the first time the transformational phenomenon of this practice will be shared publicly for all to witness and understand. 

Sheila Kelley Strip Down, Rise Up Netflix Documentary Premiering February 2021

Filming the upcoming Netflix documentary, Strip Down, Rise up, was a labor of love and devotion (watch the trailer here). Award-winning filmmaker Michèle Ohayon and I started shooting classes of students for Strip Down, Rise Up in March of 2018. There were a total of 46 women who participated in the raw and deep and never-before-filmed journey. Six S Factor teachers supported these women as we guided three separate classes of brave women through a transformational six month journey that was all captured on camera.  No pressure though!

Three things occur to me now in January 2021 as I look back on the experience of taking this transformational movement practice I created over 20 years ago onto camera with Strip Down, Rise Up. First, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I have devoted my life to the women I have taught over the last two decades, but this was an entirely different kind of labor of love working with a documentary filmmaker who was at the helm of creative direction. I got my ass totally kicked and it was so worth it! Second, I had no idea it would take nearly three years to see the fulfillment of this creative vision. I’m so grateful to be part of a story that showcases the profundity of female sensuality in daily life. 

Strip Down, Rise Up Netflix Documentary Coming Out February 2021

Finally, I didn’t expect that my life would change irrevocably by this Strip Down, Rise Up filming odyssey. Witnessing 46 women take such a deep, healing and celebratory ride to body freedom was riveting. It changed me because even though I’ve been teaching for 18 years, I had done so year in and year out in the dark intimacy and privacy of S Factor’s secret “Fight Club-ish” studios and retreats. Not many people have ever had the privilege of witnessing a woman’s intimate S Factor journey. And here we had 46 brave beautiful souls coming out of the dark to show the world what really happens when a woman reclaims her erotic feminine body. Strip Down, Rise Up is primed to blow your mind away. 

Lastly I will say that being a part of the Netflix documentary Strip Down, Rise Up reconnected me to the utter magic and indescribable power that is available within every single woman on earth. I am deeply enjoying mentoring women individually again this year and cultivating a depth of practice for those that are willing to go deep with me into the freedom and wisdom of their bodies. 


This Netflix Original Documentary Strip Down, Rise Up airs on Friday February 5th! Add it to your Netflix watch list.

Strip Down, Rise Up Sheila Kelley February 2021