The Fall 2020 Feminine Embodiment Retreat with Sheila Kelley

Due to the ongoing pandemic, this live event has been canceled, but we are exploring hosting it online. Please check back for updates.

Fall madly, deeply back in love with yourself.

There’s a love story within you that is aching to be told. It’s a story about your most sacred home, your longest relationship, your wisest teacher. It’s time, woman. Time to dive into a blissful, bursting love-drunk affair with yourself. Time to discover the alluring well of magic that makes you, you. Time to unfold the most tender romance you have ever dreamed of.  Time to let your heart melt back into your body and remember how to trust, to follow your lust and live in a state of Body Crush.

At Body Crush, Sheila Kelley will guide you through the soul-stirring and yet deliciously sweet experience of self infatuation. We’re going to rewrite your most important love story together. Discover the forever blooming desire that hides within you and let your most epic crush begin… 

Join us for four flirtatious, sensuous and empowering days together and tap into the practice that has launched a feminine movement revolution.

This is your time to:
  • Reawaken feelings of love, sensuality and desire

  • Connect with an elevated state of pleasure and peace

  • Learn how to cultivate intimate relationships

  • Rekindle a sense of your own innocence and beauty

  • Reclaim your inherent power

  • Find loving forgiveness for your most perfect imperfections

  • Start a total love affair with your own body

October 9 – 12, 2020
*UPDATE: May be hosted online*

Join us for this special four day transformational event where women from all over the world – new and experienced – connect and turn back on in the places we feel stuck and searching for more.  There is nothing like this experience anywhere else on the planet.

October 9 – 12, 2020
UPDATE: May be hosted online.

Join us for this special four day transformational event where women from all over the world – new and experienced – connect and turn back on in the places we feel stuck and searching for more.  There is nothing like this experience anywhere else on the planet.

Explore Your Erotic Creature

Every woman has an inner truth to her sexy, passionate, erotic nature – it’s how she moves through the world and asks for what she wants. It’s how she loves and desires to be loved. It’s how she plays and how she stands up for herself. It’s her erotic identity.
For New S Women…

Discovering the nature of your Erotic Creature is like unlocking the gates to the possibility of absolute bliss, total embodiment, and full feminine freedom. It is a relearning of ancient wisdom you hold within.

For Experienced S Women…

This journey takes you over the plateaus and through the deep valleys of where we get stuck in our everyday lives, relationships and intimate experiences in order to revel once again in a body more free and expressive than you could ever have imagined..

If you’ve ever felt depleted, out of balance and drained, Luscious Beauty awaits you

On this retreat, you will meet the complex inner-workings of each Erotic Creature Icon within your own body. You will unearth the fluidity and vibrancy of each beautiful color that aches to be expressed through you – and your unique ways of channeling that expression.

S Factor retreats open a physical, emotional and spiritual pathway toward reclaiming your feminine body. Emerge reborn into your own skin, able to see yourself, your relationships and the world through the lens of full feminine freedom. 

On this retreat you'll:
  • Learn how to embrace and embody the keys to a sexy, soulful feminine life

  • Harness your emotions to bring you everything you desire

  • Build stronger relationships – and boundaries!

  • Create new patterns in the body, breaking up patterns of fatigue, aches and stuck energy

  • Enjoy seminar sessions with Sheila and workshop leaders, plus your own curated class with women of similar experience level.

Together on the retreat, we create a space of sisterhood, connection and support.  A place where you can be as emotionally expressive as you want to be. Our ballrooms are warmly lit, our meals are nourishing and the women gathered with you are pure magic from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Reclaim Your Wisdom. Reconnect to Sexy. Rediscover Pleasure.

Sheila Kelley, I want to honor you for the gift you’re giving women all around the world. This is a powerful community and I so appreciate the love, liberation and spirit you’re helping to re-ignite within me!

J. G.

For the first time in my life I can say I was in the right place at the right time!! These past few days have been what I’ve been so longing for. I’m finally awakening the woman inside of me that’s been numb. To start the process of rediscovery is something I can’t describe other than I can finally breathe again. My body has been crying out and I have been ignoring her, this will no longer be the case. It is just the beginning, and I’m so blissfully excited to continue this discovery.

J. H.

Thank God I got myself here. I…left behind shame and old patterns. I have never been more comfortable in my body. I will be enjoying this holiday season tapped in and turned on in my body and savoring the pleasure.

M. V.

I feel a lightness and peace in myself that I’ve never experienced before, it’s almost like I’m floating in a cloud of sparkles. Thank you for your love and support!

K. O.

To completely dive into the mystery of me… my own depth. So grateful for the expression and freedom of S.

R. L.

Awaken Your Body’s Wisdom

Sheila’s intelligent and intuitive teachings are sought after by women all over the globe who travel thousands of miles to be seen and guided through life-transforming breakthroughs. She is a regular guest presenter at Tony Robbins Platinum retreats and Mama Gena Mastery events, among others.

Learn how to live in your most full, free, and unapologetically magnetic version of yourself.

Awaken Your Body’s Wisdom

Body Crush FAQ

Q: Where is the event?
A: Body Crush will be held at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa, roughly 2 hours east of the Los Angeles Metro Area. We recommend flying in to the Palm Springs regional airport if you are coming from outside Southern California. Uber and Lyft operate in the area.
Q: Who can attend?
A: We welcome women of all backgrounds, physical ability and experience levels.  You do not need to have any movement or dance experience.
Q: Where should I stay?
A: Group hotel rates at the venue will be available to women who register for the retreat. We highly recommend staying at our venue as our days and nights are very full.
Q: What’s the Schedule?
A: While we like to keep some surprises up our sleeve, please note that your days will be packed full of excitement from morning to night – usually beyond dinner. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will most likely be 8am – 10pm, Monday will be 8am – 4pm.
Q: When should I travel?
A: We recommend arriving the day before the event begins and departing the day after it ends. Our last day together is a full day, typically ending between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. If you fly out that day, try to book an evening flight so you don’t miss our beautiful closing campfire.
Q: What should I bring/wear?
A: All information including packing and attire recommendations will be emailed to all registrants ahead of the event. What we can say is, you’ll want to be comfortable – and creative! We can’t wait to move and play with you.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Because of the production requirements and popularity of our events, please be sure you are registering only once you are certain you can attend. Please familiarize yourself with the details of our event cancellation requirements listed below. Payment plans are a commitment to pay in full, and the cancellation policy will be applied to the full amount due.
Cancellation Policy – 2019-2020
91 days+ before event – 100% refund (less the $250 cancellation fee)
90-31 days prior to start of event – 100% credit only (less the $250 cancellation fee) to be used towards a future event within 1 year from cancellation date
30-10 days prior to start of event – 50% credit only (less the $250 cancellation fee) to be used towards a future event within 1 year from cancellation date
Less than 10 days – No refund*
*Unless medical emergency, natural disaster or death in the family with a doctors notes / death certificate.
**No transfer policy – Tickets cannot be re-sold or gifted. A valid ID will be required by all attendees at registration. We organize groups based on individual dance levels and customize content based on personal journey.
For information or questions contact [email protected]