Live Events

Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your feminine body with Sheila Kelley

Live Events

Reclaim the ancient wisdom of your feminine body with Sheila Kelley

We are excited to return with the S Gathering 2022 in May! Sign up now.

About S Factor Destination Events

Destination events with Sheila Kelley and the S Factor Licensed Teachers are the most powerful containers for any woman to begin or deepen her embodiment journey.

These fully immersive in-person experiences interrupt the patters of your daily life and open a physical, emotional and energetic pathway anchored in reclaiming the feminine body, mind, heart, and soul. Emerge from each event reinvigorated in your own skin with an undeniable and irresistible magnetism that ripples out across your life, your relationships, and the way you create love and influence in any setting.

Like rocket fuel for your emotional and sensual life, our events tap you into the heart of the S community where you are fully SEEN and HEARD, witnessed and supported in your evolution. Join us, won’t you?

The S Gathering 2022

Join Sheila Kelley and women from all over the world for this three-day live immersive S Factor gathering on May 20 – 22 in Palm Springs, CA. This is the ONLY live event of the year!

What happens at live events?

Events are weekend experiences that bring women together from all over the world to revel in rediscovering pleasure, play and confidence through movement.

You’ll meet the S Factor Erotic Creature Icons, enjoy powerful workshops, and delve into the wisdom that lives within your body. The bonds formed at these events last a lifetime.

  • Women are grouped by experience level, so everyone is welcome!
  • Learn the S Factor movement practice and philosophy
  • Get feedback and body reading from Sheila and teachers
  • Dine, dance, and go deep in workshops each day
  • Enjoy curated programming from morning to night
  • There is nothing like this raucous celebration of the feminine anywhere else on the planet.

On S Factor events, you will journey into the depths of your own sensual identity and roadblocks to joy, in order to heal and awaken a dormant powerhouse within you.

Walk away with a deeper understanding of how your relationship with your body – how you LIVE in her, MOVE with her, and LOVE with her – directly impacts your level of pleasure and satisfaction in every area of your life. Come join us!

What S Women Say About Events

“My relationship with my body has been a long struggle that I don’t find to be a torture anymore. What I experienced [at S] was very profound.”
– Kary W. 

“This practice has created access to the level of confidence that has allowed me to cultivate a more deeply connected life, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.”
– Patti G. 

“There was a lot of shame. I was just locked out of my body. I don’t know where she went. S Factor invited me to trust my body and reclaim my strength.”
– Patty A.