Are you ready to wholly interrupt your relationship with your body?

What if we told you there’s a practice that will completely change the way you live in your body, the way you love with your body, and the people and experiences you attract.

S Factor is a path of unearthing your irresistible embodied magnetism.

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The S Gathering 2022

A Live Immersive Event with Sheila Kelley

It’s time to get back into community and bring your Erotic Body back to life! After 2 years, our live destination immersion is returning with a sensuous fury May 20 – 22, 2022 at a beautiful hotel in Palm Springs, California.

Don’t miss the most unique, vivacious, sensuous body-led experience you just cannot find anywhere else.

Foundational Teacher Training 2022

Live Virtual Training Begins June 10

Learn to teach the foundational S Factor movement journey and then teach as a Licensed S Factor Teacher from anywhere in the world!

Dive into this unique movement experience and bring S to your community. S Teachers inspire and elevate the feminine everywhere they go.

Which Erotic Creature™ Icon are you right now?

Discover the energy and essence of your everyday and erotic body. She will open up your entire life and give you the keys to your queendom.

As featured in the Netflix original documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’

From Academy Award Nominated Filmmaker Michèle Ohayon, 2021 on Netflix