Intermediate Journey

Registration is exclusive to women who have completed Strip & Rise, as well as intermediate and advanced S women who have some S Factor movement experience.

Let’s strip it down to your authentically feminine layers of expression.

Are you ready to go deeper? To explore the hidden secrets of your brilliant, sensuous body? Sheila is ecstatic to invite you into the next layer of your embodied journey: The Erotic Reveal.

In this 10-week intermediate program you will go beyond your everyday essence and dive deep into the truth of your uniquely soulful and desirous nature, learning to call love in and speaking more fluently through your body. You will step into a fluidity of expression, inhabiting the energies of the 10 Erotic Creature Icons through moving meditation and spotlight free-dancing.

For the first time ever, Sheila and her co-teachers are offering the next level of the S Journey LIVE online.

This is your time to:
  • Explore the erotic side of the EC Icons

  • Call out to love authentically in your body

  • Dance while being witnessed, and witnessing

  • Become fluent in the language of S

  • Begin to explore flowing emotion and energy play in your movement

As featured in the Netflix original documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’

Strip & Rise II:
The Erotic Reveal
Live Online with Sheila Kelley

March 12 – May 14, 2022 // 10 Weeks

Strip & Rise is a movement journey that takes you deep into the reclamation of your body and the discovery of your innate erotic essence. It is a celebration of your deepest desires. And now we invite you to part II – The Erotic Reveal. During this powerful Intermediate 10-Week Journey, Sheila and S Factor Teachers April, Becky, and Sam will guide you into the exquisite sensuous nature of your body through fluid movement and focused assignments to cultivate your relationship with your own Erotic Creature.

As you venture into the heart and soul of the S Factor practice in The Erotic Reveal, you will encounter resistance, surprise, and the tension of letting go of who you and our culture have made yourself to be so you can embody the true essence that exists within you. She is the one who will call to love and light up every room.

Join the inaugural Strip & Rise II class for the journey of a lifetime:

  • 10 Weekly Live Classes over Zoom
  • The next level of the signature S Factor movement journey
  • Body reading and instruction with Sheila, plus spotlight group dances
  • Support and movement instruction with S Factor teachers
  • Private online community for this class only hosted on the course platform
  • Open to students who have taken Strip & Rise: The Original 6-Month Journey, and women who have S Factor embodiment experience

More about the original Strip & Rise Journey:

Pay in Full

  • Full price $1400, save $200.
  • Last chance registration closes March 16.

Payment Plan

$1299$433 monthly
  • Payment plans bill over 3 months, offer expires 2/28.

Sheila’s Co-Teachers for Strip & Rise:

April Kaminski

April has been an S Factor Teacher since 2008, and a Teacher trainer since 2012. “My teaching style combines movement, mindfulness, and trauma-informed coaching practices. I especially love teaching beginners because it’s incredibly magical to witness a woman’s body and spirit light up with joy, playfulness and love. S Factor changed how I feel in my own body, it changed my relationships and the way I move through the world as a woman. I love supporting women as they learn to have a more loving relationship with the body they live in. As a woman changes so does everything around her!” April is also a Certified Trauma Recover Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and trained in Movement for Trauma, Functional Assisted Stretch Therapy, Mental Health First Aid, XPole and Flexibility. “I live in Houston, Texas, as an empty nester with my husband of almost 30 years who I am madly in love with.”

Becky Gonzales

Becky became a teacher in 2012 and has taught at Sheila Kelley events and retreats worldwide. As a teacher and teacher trainer, Becky is committed to listening, learning and examining our curriculum and philosophy through a compassionate, inclusive eye and trauma-trained lens. She is a diversity, inclusion and belonging advocate: “I’m dedicated to delivering on our mission of welcoming women of all shapes, ages, and backgrounds. I believe that every student must be offered a choice in our practice so that women can experience S Factor while feeling a sense of belonging and safety. The most exhilarating part about finding your erotic creature is realizing that no one on this earth will move like you do — your feminine movement practice is unique to you and only you.  I’m thrilled and honored to be a part of the work we do. I teach because I believe it’s important for all women to establish a relationship with their bodies, one of: love, respect and elevation.” Becky lives in Oakland, California with her husband and partner of over seven years and their two children, who are 6 and 3. 

Samantha Fisher

Samantha has been teaching S Factor since 2007 in order to help empower women the way she had been empowered through her S journey around love, body-love, sensuality, and erotic energy. She has traveled the world with Sheila, facilitating movement at private events and retreats, and is also a Teacher Trainer. “As a highly sensual, energetic woman, I teach from a heart-led space, intuitively guiding bodies to freely evolve & express their inner body voice, love within themselves, and freedom in their bodies. I create a space where you can show up exactly as you are, I allow your body to show me what kind of love & encouragement you might be needing.” Sam is also certified as a Theta Healing™ Practitioner, and an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach. “After years of exploring myself, and leading women through movement to learn about what makes their bodies tick I created The Sweet Spot Life, a place where Mind, Heart, Body, Sex & Soul come together.” Sam currently lives in Wisconsin with 3 of her 4 children,

“When I first started it just felt like freedom and release.”

-Patricia Buck, S Licensed Instructor

Strip & Rise FAQ

Q: Do I need to have a pole or dance experience?
A: You don’t need a pole, but you do need S Factor experience! This is the intermediate level of Strip & Rise. If you’re a beginner and have not learned the S Factor routine, attended an S Factor retreat, or practiced at an S Factor studio, please visit the Strip & Rise Original 6-Month Journey and sign up for the waitlist for that program.
Q: What is the schedule? Can I do this on my own time?
A: Class is weekly on Saturdays at 11 a.m. Pacific Time. Each class is up to 2 hours.  This program is designed as a LIVE EXPERIENCE to give women the most immersive and potent exploration into the practice and to allow for community connection, witnessing, and live coaching with our teachers. Therefore, this is an interactive program where live attendance is strongly encouraged. Recordings will be made available for a 7 day window after each class.
Q: What if I can’t make every class?
A: That’s not a problem! A recording of each class will be available to you through your student member area for up to one week after each class session. Please note that you will not have access to all of the recordings indefinitely. Recordings will expire one week after live class to respect the privacy of the student journey. Live attendance is strongly encouraged to get the most out of this course.
Q: What do I need to be able to attend?
A: To start, all you need is a private space to stretch out and move. You may also want to have a yoga mat or a sumptuous shag or sheepskin rug for your movement practice. You will receive fun weekly assignments on what to wear and bring to each class as your journey progresses.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: There are no full or partial refunds and no transfers. Students who choose a monthly payment plan will be responsible for completing all payments regardless of whether the student chooses to complete the journey or not.  Registration fees for Strip and Rise may not be transferred to other S Factor programs.
Q: I have a known history of sexual or physical trauma, can I participate?
A: Yes, you are welcome here! In order to keep a safe, healthy and fun space for all women, we ask each student who has known trauma to proceed gently and to consider working simultaneously with a therapist. Unknown trauma can arise when working with the body, and we ask that should this happen you seek outside help and support. S Factor does not provide psychological or mental health services. We are a movement practice centered on feminine embodiment. Each student will be asked to sign an accountability waiver that affirms personal responsibility and commits to the wellbeing of the entire student group through maintaining personal emotional boundaries.
Q: Will this experience be exactly like the one in Strip Down, Rise Up?
A: While this rare program with Sheila will be similar to the journey featured in the film – including the full Original S Factor Journey – we want our students to know that the film was independently directed and produced, and portrays a narrative that is more focused on trauma and healing in the pole community at large. S Factor offers a powerful embodiment practice that leads to body love, confidence and community. Also, there will not be pole instruction due to the online nature of this program.