Teach With Us

Become a leader in the Movement of Feminine™.

“Empowering other women is how we light up the whole world. Our teachers are champions of sensual freedom.”

-Sheila Kelley, S Factor® creator

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Feel Called to Teach?

S Factor Teacher Training is a soul-inspiring program designed by Sheila Kelley to provide deeper knowledge of the feminine body and your sensual self, and provides the tools to become a wise and nurturing leader for other women.

We welcome women who are interested in employment and licensing, as well as those who are wanting to enrich their personal journey by guiding other women through this practice. Teachers become licensed practitioners who may teach at S Factor studios and retreats, or may build their own businesses teaching independently somewhere S is needed.

Tiered S Factor Teacher Training includes three programs. Participants may combine all three programs at one time or take them individually at separate times. Each program builds upon the one before and each program is a prerequisite for the next.

Come flow with us, and grow with us!

Interested in becoming an owner-operator of an S Factor Studio? Check out studio licensing details here.

Program 1

S Factor Foundation Training:

Levels 1 - 3 | Approx. 10 Days

Become a Tier 1 S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn the Movement Path curriculum for S Factor’s Beginner Fluid Feminine Movement™ and S Core Pole Beginner.

Program 2

S Factor Advanced Foundation Training:

Levels 4 - 6 | Approx. 10 Days

Become a Tier 2 S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn the complete Movement Path curriculum for S Factor’s Advanced Fluid Feminine Movement® and S Core Pole Advanced.

Program 3

S Factor Journey Training:

Approx. 10 Days

Become a full-fledged S Factor Licensed Instructor! Learn S Factor’s secret sauce - the Erotic Creature® Path and Original Journey Class curriculum!

Pave The Way

Licensed Instructor Training – teach S Factor in your hometown!

Our teachers are inspiring, nurturing and wise beyond words. They embody wholesome, unapologetic sensuality and open up a pathway for other women to journey toward that same blissfully feminine life.

Have more questions?

Send an email to the Training Department at:

teachertraining@sfactor.com for more information

Teaching positions may be available at all established locations. You are welcome to register for any training class at any location, and upon successful completion, apply for an open position in a different location.