*I’m a Shy Reluctant Enigma.*

I enter the room in swirling, smoky silence. Consider yourself lucky if you capture a second of charged eye contact from behind my hair. You might not even notice me glide through the door and into a corner from which I can observe. Maybe you don’t notice me at all. But I surely notice you – I don’t miss a single movement, sound, sight or smell. Maybe I fill you with an obsessive need to penetrate, to get to know me, to break down my guard. Maybe you sense that there is a heightened presence in the room hiding a bright, vulnerable and fervent individual. Will you be the one to earn my trust, the worthy one to earn entrance into my protected realm? To unravel my secrets and discover the hidden world of magical fantasy inside?

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She is stealthy and mysterious in her movement. She is sly and haunting, moving like a shadow or a ghost. She moves quietly like a whisper so as not to stir the air, sneaking up on the chair or into the light. She steps lightly, climbs deliberately, aware, with every sense heightened and muscles engaged and ready. She either struggles to make eye contact or can’t let go of eye contact… She aches to be seen but your gaze might cover her with goosebumps and make her quiver with anticipation and aliveness.

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

Her body likes to be covered, at least in part, especially her head and face. She wears clothing that is dark and which gives her the feeling of protection – long coats, skirts, dresses… Head covers, hoods, hats, sunglasses, masks or more commonly, hair deliberately over the eyes and face. She wears clothing that she can subtly emerge from when she feels safe enough to reveal glorious self, and then retreat back into.

**Associated Emotions**

Fear, Mystery, Privacy, Timidity, Vulnerability, Vigilance, Distrust

**Examples of Public Figures**

Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, SIA, Trent Reznor, Chelsea Wolfe, Kurt Cobain, Lady Gaga

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