When you jump into the S Factor journey, it has the potential to change your whole life. Often students ask, “How can I take this practice out into the world?” And our answer is, start with your home.

Creating a cozy, dedicated space at home for yourself is step #1 to living a more enlivened life and reaping the deepest rewards from the S journey. There is a richness that comes with honoring ourselves in a beautiful space when we practice – and it helps us to commit to a daily routine. And the daily practice is the foundation for everything else.

Here are a few tips and tricks from Sheila Kelley’s Online Course, Women Ignited: Body Love 2020 on how to create the ideal S oasis at home:

1. Find a Dedicated Space

You’ll want enough room to sit cross legged, and stretch out a bit. And if you live with others, ideally you will want a private space where you can shut the door. It could even be a corner of your bedroom. Key aspects of your space:

  • Enough space to stretch out
  • Private, or can be when needed
  • Dedicated, not something you need to set up each day
  • Clean and tended to, just like any sacred space
2. Delight Your Senses

What is S Factor if not a practice of awakening and indulging our senses? Think about what would feel good against your skin and the soles of your feet; what colors would turn you on; what aromas would delight you. Here are a few S Factor favorites:

  • Faux sheepskin throws for a luxurious feel
  • Candles (or e-candles with a glow feature)
  • Essential oil diffuser or incense
  • Wireless speaker system for easy access to playlists

3. Adorn with Meaningful Mementos

In this S oasis, we are honoring ourselves. And similar to creating any other sacred space, it’s wonderful to include tokens and symbols of the richness of our lives – past, present, future. Some ideas include:

  • Stones from a memorable trip or shells from your favorite beach
  • A deck of goddess oracle cards
  • A letter from a loved one
  • A dedicated journal to track your reflections and ah-ha moments, or to unleash some emotions

The biggest tip to remember is that you are creating a space your body loves to be in, so don’t design it with your brain. It doesn’t need to match or “work” just perfectly with what’s around it. It
does need to feel absolutely safe and delicious to your senses.

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