Do you ever feel disconnected? Like your body is something you’d rather ignore? Like nobody is looking out for your needs and desires — and you never have a moment for yourself?

You’re not alone. Many women in our culture feel stuck, stifled, and wondering where the time went. We give our all to our family, our friends, our work — and at the end of the day, there’s not much left for ourselves.

S Factor founder & actress Sheila Kelley has heard these stories thousands of times over in the past 20 years of leading women through their own journeys to reclaim their lives and get their groove back.

This Fall, Sheila will bring her teachings online for an immersive and intimate digital course, Woman Ignited: Body Love

In this transformative four-week course, you will learn how to:

1. Overcome Shame 

Flip the script and rewrite the history of your body from an empowered place. Sheila helps you break free from judgment and shame to create a fully enlivened future.

2. Find Your Swagger & Get Your Groove Back

Sheila leads you on a step-by-step path back to the soulfully sensuous woman you were born to be. Learn to move your body in that truly free, feminine sway that energizes and magnetizes everyone around you. 

3. Feel Good in Your Body

Turn what you wear into an act of body celebration instead of a process of hiding. Sheila will reveal all the ways your body is designed to serve you and teach you how to love and respect her, unconditionally. 

4. Stress Less, Love More

Sheila believes in true balance and actionable self-care. Learn how to ease into a new daily ritual while establishing healthy boundaries so there is still love and energy left for you

5. Create the Life You Desire

Desire? what’s that!? Who has time to dream? You! When you awaken to the power that lives in your body, you become unstoppable. 

6. Become Magnetic

When a woman is grounded in her truth and connected to her body she is utterly alluring. She has that special quality that draws life and opportunity toward her. Woman Ignited Body Love is your foundational course to awakening this magnetism within you. 

7. Create the Life You Desire

Desire? what’s that!? Who has time to dream? You! When you are awakened to the power that lives in your body, you become unstoppable. You have all the energy within you to bring an abundant, emotionally expressive, unapologetic life into existence. 


You Deserve This. Is it worth spending another day without these tools? We believe in you. We want you to know how to ignite your whole life. Because ignited women ignite the planet. Join Sheila on October 7, 2019 for four transformational weeks. 


Enroll Now for Woman Ignited: Body Love and take back your life. 


Woman Ignited Body Love

with Sheila Kelley

A Four Week Online Course of Reclamation

Oct 7, 2019

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