*By Sheila Kelley*

Welcome to the new year powerful and beautiful women. This month S Factor is exploring the Champion Erotic Creature Icon.

We have all 10 Erotic Creature Icons in our body – core biological emotions that serve the purpose of getting us what we need to survive in life. Check out the icons we’ve met so far in the blog section of our website.

**Who is the Champion?**

She is the Erotic Creature that comes from the core body emotion of courage – she is grounded, humble, unwavering, and committed. She has been through hell and back and emerged with wisdom, grace, strength and confidence.

**Why do you need her?**

When life knocks you down the Champion is the one who will rise from the ashes. She helps you to get back up again and again with resilience and tenacity. She grounds you. She centers you. She brings you peace after the angst. She helps you surrender to what is coming, and she moves you forward with resolution. The Champion is selfless and determined to overcome – she serves in order to make right was is wrong. She serves something greater than herself.

**How can you find her?**

You might know your everyday Champion quite well – but she can be harder to find in your erotic body. Start by finding clothing, textures, scents, sounds, songs that bring out your Champion. Look for clothing that makes you feel fortified and ready for adventure, or touchstones that motivate your body towards her desire. Music is another powerful way to access your emotional body and Erotic Creature Icons – start searching for your Champion song.  A song that is as unwavering as you can be – valiant, heroic sounds that make you feel unstoppable. Watch my video below to hear more about the Champion and how I am channeling her in my own life. Share your Champion song with me in the comments section below the video – and let her inspire you to move into the new year with strength and determination.


XO Sheila

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