*By Sheila Kelley*

Hey Beautiful Woman,

Welcome to The Year of the Feminine.

We are devoting this year to healing the feminine – starting with you.

Did you know that when you heal your emotional, erotic feminine body, the global feminine heals with you? This year we will introduce you to the concept of the healthy and unhealthy Erotic Creature Icons. Do you know all 10 icons in your body and life? Who do you need to know better? Who haven’t you met yet? Which icons are healthy? Which need some attention, love and nurturing? We even plan to send you HOMEWORK via email each month to nurse your unhealthy icons back to life.

Does your Shy Reluctant Enigma freeze from head to toe when you step into a room with more than two people inside? Does your Champion bully and herd your family and friends? Is your Lustful Lover on overdrive, leading you into addictions? 

You deserve better. Your precious feminine body and being deserves better. The feminine deserves better. It’s time to treat **YOU** the way the feminine deserves to be treated.

**So join us on this journey of healing the feminine.** Each beautiful icon that you meet will help you understand, create and communicate to the world what your body needs in any given moment. Because when you heal, we heal.

Here is our refrain, our Mission Statement for the Year of The Feminine:

This is the year we reclaim the raw power of the feminine. The year we excavate the feminine from out of the earth, where she has been buried for aeons. This is the year the feminine rises – in you, in me, worldwide. ‘The feminine’ is an erotic, intuitive, emotional, sensual, magnetic, transformational life-force energy. The world has long quieted and suppressed the feminine. But she lives right here in your body. Move into *your* feminine. Reclaim your erotic power. Discover your truth. Break free. Unite – and together, we will rise.

Your first assignment is to visit the Year of the Feminine video below and tag 3 women who make up your feminine tribe.

Rise up women,

XO Sheila

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