Hi, I’m a *Blissful Pleaser* <3

I’m the woman who leaves a freshly baked pie on your doorstep and stays after the party to help you do the dishes. Something about me makes you want to pour your heart out to me – maybe you can sense that I am a safe haven. Come sit around my warm hearth; I’ll pour you a glass of wine, draw you a hot bubble bath and make you cookies while you bathe. Tell me your deepest desires and I’ll do everything I can to satisfy you. My essence is that of Mother Nature herself when she is full of peace and calm, like a warm sunset glowing on rolling green hills.

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

Your Blissful Pleaser moves like honey, traveling slowly through her senses. She moves with grace and calm as her body asks: what do you want? And she is ready to give you exactly that. Peaceful and welcoming songs full of tenderness move her. There is something in the music that is extremely pleasing and safe. She moves to please both herself and the watcher – she likes to move in a way that makes the watcher happy. She cares about the curves and angles, holding her body like bait.

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

She loves comfort! She is drawn to colors and textures that are comforting and enveloping, which could be cashmere, chiffon or leather depending on preference. Your Blissful Pleaser might like to be barefoot in the grass in a soft flowing dress, or wrapped in a giant sweater with a cup of tea in hand. She also wears clothing that she knows will please her partner, because bringing pleasure to another lights her up. When you want to tap into your Blissful Pleaser, think earthy, cozy, warm, inviting and divinely feminine.

**Associated Emotions**

Nurturing, Compassion, Giving, Empathy

**Examples of Public Figures**

Emilia Clarke, Morgan Freeman, John Legend, Sam Smith, John Mayer, Amos Lee, Norah Jones, Arwen in Lord of the Rings

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