Hi!  I’m an *Innocent Teaser*!

I am the sweet girl who lives next door. You may have noticed my charming naivete as I hopscotch down the sidewalk in my ponytail or you might have seen me smelling every flower on the block, filled with delight at each new scent. Or maybe you’ve seen me greeting all the neighbors with a friendly “*Hello!*” I’m trusting, innocent and filled with hope for the future – I live in the possibility of *YES* because anything is possible!

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

Your Innocent Teaser body is defenseless and receptive with eyes-wide open. She is sexy, nubile and vulnerable like a newborn deer – she experiences every movement and sensation as if for the very first time and thus her world is filled with the magic of novelty. She rediscovers her senses anew in each moment and is constantly surprised by what they bring her. Innocent Teasers are fabulous lovers because every time is like the very first time! She is adorable in her movement and we all, especially the masculine, are drawn to protect her purity.

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

You might dress your Innocent Teaser in soft, light, flimsy clothing and accessories that provide little to no protection because she is so unguarded and open. Sometimes she is youthful in plaid skirts, ankle socks, babydoll dresses, or ultra girly in lace, bows and flowers…

**Associated Emotions**

Surprise, Wonder, Hope, Anticipation, Awe

**Examples of Public Figures**

Marilyn Monroe, Ariana Grande, Goldie Hawn, Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter, Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Owen Wilson, Shawn Mendes, Tobey Maguire, Justin Timberlake.

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