I’m a *Dangerous Challenger*.

I’m the leather clad babe whose motorcycle wakes you up late at night as I rip down your street. I am the wild tiger inside who always gets what she wants. I am battle ready, fierce, fiery, tempestuous, bold, daring, irritated, surly and peevish. I might intimidate you a little bit, but I have a sexy heat and I’ll make you feel truly alive. When I love you, it’s that hot passionate love / hate kind of love – a good fight turns me on. Sometimes my rage is explosive like fireworks and sometimes I rage internally like a dark, smoldering storm. The more honestly I rage, the more radiant and powerful I become. I will add spice and flavor to your life and if I love you, I will fight for you until the end.

**How Does She Present in the Body?**

She moves the air with menacing intimidation – sometimes smacking her shoe on the floor or the pole. She may have a glowering brow, clenched fists or tight, threatening shoulders. She looks for something to push against – the walls, the floor when she walks, the chair or the pole. She burns through her senses – sometimes like roaring, sparking lava and other times like a steaming, dormant volcano. She needs an enormous amount of muscular exertion in her dance!

**How Does She Look out in the World?**

She wears clothing that challenges and or restricts her body so she has something to fight. She might wear fabrics or clothing that irritate her skin, or accessories that bind like leather, tight vinyl or latex. Sometimes her attire is threatening; spiked, studded,  leather jackets, big black boots – like the cool punks smoking in the alley at lunch that you never wanted to mess with.

**Associated Emotions**

Anger, Rage, Irritation, Fire

**Examples of Public Figures**

Michele Rodriquez, Sarah Connor in Terminator, Jennifer Garner in Elektra, Mila Jovovich in Ultraviolet, Xena Warrior Princess, Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, Logan in X-Men, DMX, Jack Nicholson

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