The Healthy Dangerous Challenger

Smoldering, Assertive, Passionate

When healthy, The Dangerous Challenger transforms her rage into fuel to move towards her deepest desires. Her erotic drive is intense and gives her the momentum she needs to get what she wants. She is fierce, battle ready and thrives when facing obstacles. Challenge excites, activates and motivates her. Romantically, she will ignite your love into a bonfire of passionate heat.

The Unhealthy Dangerous Challenger

Destructive, Aggressive, Cruel

The unhealthy Dangerous Challenger seeks conflict. She creates fights even when there are no fights to be had. She is destructive towards self and others, circuitously venting her anger rather than channeling it into a constructive path. She can be injurious and needlessly destructive for the sake of being destructive with no clear direction.

Dangerous Challenger Homework

Is your Dangerous Challenger unhealthy? Find her in your voice and transmute your anger into fierce love. From deep in your belly, find a voice that channels your passion and rage. With someone you love and trust, use this voice to say “I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” Then ask them to do the same.[grve_button align=”center” button_text=”Heal Your Dangerous Challenger” button_type=”outline” button_hover_color=”grey” button_size=”large” button_link=”||target:%20_blank|”]