The Healthy Innocent Teaser

Light, Sweet, Hopeful, Pure

The vulnerability of her sexuality is unabashed. She is wide-eyed, open and outward seeking. She lives in a state of wonder and enchantment – her world is magical. She has an open, defenseless body and she moves through life discovering each moment as an exciting novelty. She lives in the possibility of YES.

The Unhealthy Innocent Teaser

Infantile, The Damsel, Helpless

She becomes dependent on others, relying on her childlike nature to draw caretaking. Having no defenses or self protection, she is victim-like – unable to sense danger or when someone is taking advantage of her. Always the princess and never the queen. More commonly, she is completely shut down in your body and you have no access to surprise or wonder at all…

Innocent Teaser Homework

How can you keep your Innocent Teaser alive, happy and well in your body? Create positive surprises in your life – ask a partner or a friend to order something for you online ($10 or under – you can even pay them for this if you like) and ask them not to tell you what delivery they have chosen OR when it is coming….[grve_button align=”center” button_text=”Heal Your Innocent Teaser” button_type=”outline” button_hover_color=”grey” button_size=”large” button_link=”||target:%20_blank|”]